Monday, January 6, 2014

Close That Bar Tab Permanently

At first, I was completely fine with keeping a bar tab open with my credit card. I used to hang out at this nightclub every Friday night after work on Christopher Street. The limit was always $20. I thought this was going to be the place that I would hang out at for the rest of my life with the best friends in whole wide world. Then once the club closed down, that fantasy was ruined.

Now I'm walking all over the city trying to find the next spot.

One night, I visited a popular spot in Harlem called El Morocco. This club is said to be famous amongst many people I know. I even subscribed to their mailing list. One minute, I'm getting an email regarding someone's birthday. Another one is a party celebrating the release of Beyonce's new album. Then I'm receiving one about upcoming drag shows.

What made the club stand out to me was this one particular story about a audience member and an actual stripper. I'll stop right there because that's not what this piece is about.

I walked into the club because my friend invited me over because his other friend was celebrating his birthday there. This was my first time going to El Morocco. I was excited.

I stood at the bar table, waiting on my friends who decided to show up two hours later. In the meantime, I opened up a tab at the bar. The limit was $30 and I was purchasing drink specials. My mind exploded in that moment. I'm a light weight. I had to buy at least six of the same drinks in order to close that tab. Plus, at the time, I was in the middle of a budget crisis. So the fact that I was going to spend more put me in instant panic mode.

During those two hours, I throwing those drinks back, trying to close that tab while waiting on my friends. It was eventually closed. My friends arrived and I was completely intoxicated at that point. I have sworn since then to never open a bar tab using my credit card ever again. The only reason is because you never know what is the limit at each bar is going to be. If you are money conscious people don't do it. If you're a millionaire who doesn't care, go for it.

All I know is that people like me aren't opening bar tabs for a long time.

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