Friday, January 10, 2014

My Side Effect From Underage Drinking

One night, me and my boys headed over to our favorite sports bar, celebrating another win from our favorite football team. The five of us were sitting at this table, ordering drinks, pizza, and buffalo wings. That's what I loved about this sports bar. It was a combination of a bar and a restaurant. We would go there every football night and enjoy ourselves with our traditional meal.

I was eighteen years old at the time. So while the boys had tequila and wine, I had root beer. That was fine with me. Growing up, I was always the youngest when it came to the group of friends I made. I was always the baby that needed to be taken care of sometimes. I didn't care if I was two years apart from each of them. I chose the friends I made and I realized I was comfortable being around older people.
I was at the table eating pizza and watching ESPN on the TV screen that was on top of the bar. Harry, one of my friends in the group, kept hitting me softly in the arm. I looked over and there was Troy. Troy then moved this shot of tequila towards my arm. He kept giving me sign languages, even though I already knew what he was referring to.

"Have a drink?" he asked me.

"Troy," I said to him. "You know I'm eighteen."

"I know. Have a drink?"

"We're gonna get in trouble."

"Roque, if you don't take this drink, you'll make me feel bad."

I was very much an enabler at the time. I didn't want there to be a sad look on Troy's face. So I took the shot of tequila and drank it. Before I knew it, I grabbed four more shots and just threw them back. Troy was so happy. Ten minutes later, he soon realized he was going to regret giving me the drinks. My own personal side effect from drinking at a young age kicked in.

I got out of my chair and started kissing everyone in the bar. No gender was excluded. Everyone was going to touch my lips. Surprisingly, they were alright with it. All they saw was a young new drunk that was doing his best to have some fun. Either that, or everyone was gay or bisexual. But either way, they got a kiss from me.

Eventually, I passed out on the floor and fell asleep. My friends considered it an opportunity to pick me up and take me out of the bar. I didn't get a hangover the day after. It's somewhat of a miracle that I remember this.

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