Friday, January 17, 2014

#THATAWKWARDMOMENT When You See Your Ex With His New Mate

You and your ex haven't seen each other for quite a while. For all you know, he is a single bachelor just like you. You're not taking dating seriously because flashbacks of your ex keeps on coming back to haunt you. So you do everything you can to get over it.

You excel at work. You burn some steam off in the gym. You go out at nightclubs with your boys. You are just enjoying single life like a true rock star, despite the flashbacks about the ex.

One day, you are at the grocery store once again feeling happy. The clothing attire you picked we're simple gray jogging pants and a black T-shirt. You have "Always On My Mind" from Michael Buble playing through your headphones. The day is just jolly for you.

You're at the produce isle grabbing a couple of fruit. The next minute, you turn to the right and there is your ex right there in front of you. Life hasn't changed based on his face. Although you would notice he is well groomed. What seemed like a short term reunion eventually turns out to be a moment of awkwardness.

The next minute, this random person kisses your ex on the cheek and says "Hi" to you. This person turns out to be your ex's new lover. You don't know what to say except maybe a word or two. The whole time you were thinking the both of you we're still single, your ex found a new one and you are looking at them dead center.

Instead of making it more awkward, you greeted back to them. Then you say your goodbyes and leaves the produce isle as fast as you could.

Isn't that a moment to remember until you find a new man?

The romantic comedy film That Awkward Moment hits theaters January 31st. Go see. I know I will.

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