Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Pizza Slice That Was Worth $4.35

When it comes to New York City, buying a slice of pizza worth more than $5 is completely out of the question. Unless you're thinking about ordering the entire pie, you're not thinking about spending that much on one slice. It's rare to find a pizza that is so tasty, we would swipe more than five dollars off our cards without ever second guessing that order.

That's a moment I had recently.

I was walking off campus after dropping off some paperwork for my next classes. I didn't eat anything except a couple of herbs given to me by my nutritionist. I was craving for meat and I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to make it to my apartment without passing out. As I was walking to the train station, my stomach was growling. I felt incredibly dizzy. The cold weather from outside wasn't helping me out either.

I had a large craving for food that I couldn't resist. 

After trailing around the TriBeCa area for a few minutes, I found myself near a pizza place called Palermo Pizza on 61 Murray St. I went inside and ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza. Based on the reviews like Yelp I saw on the window, I knew that this was a popular place. That day must've been a slow day because it was twelve degrees, which resulted in people in New York City wanting to stay inside their apartment.

When I was told that the price was $4.35, I gasped. All of that money for a single slice of pizza was unheard of. I hid my shocked face and swiped my card. I then sad down at the nearby table to eat my pizza. One bite later, I completely understood why the pizza cost so much. Because it was the best pizza I've ever tasted.

Here is a pizza that the chefs obviously put their heart into. It was fluffy. The cheese was well made and balanced on the slice. It was falling off or anything. It was well in place. The meat didn't taste like it was expired. Matter of fact, it tasted like it was fresh out the freezer.

What I thought was going to be five minutes ended up as fifteen minutes inside that pizza place. I was enjoying every single bite of it. Nowadays, people eat as fast as they can and not enjoy the taste of good food swirling around your tongue. 

I walked out the place and into the train station saying "Those $5 was worth it."

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