Monday, February 17, 2014

A Bubble Bath Mixer With Hardly Any Bubbles


This is what I truly call bad advertising or a sad excuse for a product.

Ever since November 2013, I can't remember the last time I've taken a shower. Due to traveling, college classes, and work obligations, baths are now a necessary husband for me. Besides, I love baths. I've always laid in tubs. Even in my hometown, I washed all the sweat I got by riding my bike by marinating in relaxing hot water.

But when it comes to bath tubs, bubble bath mixers are a necessary accessory. Letting the bubbles rise on top of water is the cherry that you must always add on top of the whip cream. A bath with plain hot water is just plain crazy. Even the steam coming out of the water will think you're crazy.

Apparently, some companies don't understand it.

I walked into Family Dollar near my apartment. The original idea was to get soap and detergent for the bathroom. Then as I walked towards the end of isle 4, I looked down past my favorite Axe body wash and found bubble bath brands below. When I looked below the name, I couldn't help but notice that the price tag on some of the body wash read $1.15.

My eyes were wider than ever before. I have never seen a brand of bubble bath that cost so low. I took the chance and bought a brand of it home for me.

Now I know why it's so damn cheap.

First off, the bath is more liquid than oily. Once you pour it in the bathtub, it would take half of the large container in order to create a large pool of bubbles. Then once the bubbles are created, their not big at all. They look like mini pebbles ready to pop at any second. Finally, they evaporate within in the next fifteen.

I have now learned. Don't ever buy bubble bath that are very cheap. They are “cheap” for a reason.

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