Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Drink To Enjoy, Not Destroy

Demons can come in many versions of life, but drinking can sometimes be the visual accessory to the demon. That's the case when some people decide that they decide to use alcoholic beverages as an excuse to let their feelings come out like yesterday's movie theater. I know it's obvious to say that all of our inappropriate actions can be blamed on the alcohol, but you should have thought of that before you grabbed that first glass in the first place.

Many of us likes to drink and dine with our fellow colleagues. Whether it's celebrating another week of work or just looking for an excuse after having a long stressful day. Through some people's eyes, drinking is the best friend, not the devil. But of course, we have to treat them like pop-up friends. Just like there are some friends that are meant to be distant because you're afraid of possibly killing each other due to arguing a lot, that's how we treat drinking.

The rare occasion to come out of the cabinet.

But there are some people that are abusing the liquor, and taking away all of the fun out of it. It's true the alcohol that brings the truth out of a person, but what if it was on purpose? What if the person really wanted to let the truth come out? Do they like to make scenes? Was it a true motive, knowing that 50% of the blame would be on the alcohol?

For many of us that drink to enjoy, we would prefer not to hang out with those that are meant to destroy. If you want to have a melodramatic episode, take it outside. There are gentlemen in the club who are actually trying to have some fun at the table.

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