Monday, March 3, 2014

New York City At Night: The Beauty of Walking

One day as I walking off campus, I didn't feel like going home. It was almost six at night. The sun went down. Night time had visually shown itself in the sky. For the everyday college student, you should be exhausted from class and just want to go home. Yet, for some reason, I didn't want to go home.

Instead, I wanted to go for a walk.

I stopped by a nearby McDonald's and ordered a double cheeseburger to chow on. I stopped by a nearby Duane Reade and bought a black coffee with sugar and cream in order to stay warm during that cold night. Once I got everything I needed, I began my walk across New York City and it's streets.

I walked from TriBeCa to Soho before finally getting on a train to head home. What I loved about the walk was that it calmed my mind and caused me to think deeply about life. I had time to reflect on the things I've done for the month, and be grateful for it. I had a moment of weakness, but quickly went away by the end of the walk.

I just wonder what would've happened if I stopped by Tiffany's carrying a donut? Maybe that's a future Instagram picture. You just never know.

By the end of the walk, I felt like my feet were on the ground. There was no pressure in my system. There was no longer any stress inside of me. Any doubts left my system. It was just a carefree, silent, yet spiritual moment.

That's the beauty of walking in New York City, especially at night. You can get some time for yourself. View your surroundings and see the beauty of each building you walk past. Once you you're at the end of the road, you feel like you just accomplished something amazing, and your walk ended up spiritually refreshing.

That's the beauty of walking New York City's streets at night.


Doice John said...

I enjoyed this

Rob Spiegel said...

Very eloquent and beautifully written. It actually helped calm me. Thank you!