Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sick Train Passenger Made Me Late For Class

This is the first time I have ever experienced something like this. I have heard about it through numerous New Yorkers, but I have so never so experienced this ever in my life. And yet, there I was in the middle of it.

I woke up this morning ready to go to another day of class. I follow my same regime. Take the D train and then transfer to A to get all the way to campus. That's my everyday regime and I have no intention on changing it whatsoever.

Once I got on the A train and we arrived on 125th St, we have been notified through the speakers that we had a sick passenger riding the train. Due to that, the train had to remain at the station and all trains had to change their routes in order to navigate around this sick passenger. Express trains had to make local stops. All because someone on this one train decided to get sick.

Because of this, I had to ride a C train all the way to the TriBeCa area, which was an extra 30 minutes since it was making local stops. I was already late for class at that point. But I did manage to catch up on some sleep.

I have never experienced anything like this. Now I understand why people get pissed when you find out that someone got sit on the train. Once that happens, everything changes.

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