Monday, April 28, 2014

Web Series - The Boys Who Brunch Episode 203

The third episode of my favorite web series The Boys Who Brunch" has premiered it's third episode online. I'm truly astonished at how it's getting better and better every episode. I am always impressed by everything that goes on in each episode. Each of the actors deliver fantastic performances. I love the wide range in personalities displayed in each scene. The writing is funny and original. The settings that they've chosen makes you are truly walking the streets of New York City with them.

I said it once and I'll say it again. The Boys Who Brunch is the perfect embodiment of a funny, original romantic comedy series. Don't believe me? Watch episode three below.

Roque's Reality Newsletter #5 Is Out Now

Just because I put the blog on hiatus until the summer doesn't mean I've stopped releasing monthly newsletters to all of my fellow readers. I told myself that as long as I'm out and about, and giving my life monthly reflections, I will continue to release monthly newsletters to my fellow readers.

In this issue, I discuss me finally learning to embrace and acknowledge my Southern heritage. Ever since I moved to New York City, or even sometime before that, I didn't fully embrace myself as a Southern man. But after recent experiences, I have slowly but surely began to live and embrace my cultural upbringing.

Click on the link below and have a good read.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Roque's Reality Newsletter #4 Is Out Now

The fourth newsletter of Roque's Reality is out now. In this issue, I explain the unexpected announcement I made on all of my social media outlets why I decided to put the blog on hiatus until summer. Everything is explained in good details while at the same time, being another excellent read.

Click on the link below and have a good read.