Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Escape The Collaborator!

One of the ways you know that you've been working anywhere for too long is when you've unconsciously studied your coworker's habits. You can tell when they're having a good day. You can tell when they're having a bad day. If you've figured that out, it might help you out during circumstances like this.

But I'm sure it's not as dramatic as how I handled it.

I arrived at work on a sunny day. You can feel in the room that something is going on. Everyone was so tense. Stress was all over their faces. The tension was so deep you can cut it with a knife. I originally let it go. I just wanted to go to my desk and remain the happy-go-lucky person that I am.

An hour later, I finished doing a couple of assignments and gave it to my collaborator for editing. Now, I've accepted my collaborator is a critical person with a critical eye on assignments, but for some reason, he was extra opinionated on the work. He went from my collaborator to Miranda Preisley in record breaking time.

"This looks ugly," he said one time. "I don't like this. Please change this. You know better than this. What the hell is wrong with you today?"

It was in that moment that I knew my collaborator was having a bad day, and I needed to get the hell out of my office fast before I blew up or something. Humans could only take so much. I saw an opportunity when him and another collaborator left to go on a smoke break. I packed my things fifteen minutes after they left and quickly walked over to the door.

Due to the fear of running into them, I literally ducked from one cubicle to the next. I looked like a bunny rabbit that no one saw hopping around in the office. I made it to the elevator and heard the door ring. I quickly ran into the men's restroom, hoping not to run into my co-worker again. I heard a door close and went straight to the elevator.

I got into the elevator and took a breath of fresh air as it was going down to the main floor. Five seconds later, I held my breath realizing that I can still bump into my collaborators downstairs. As soon as I arrived downstairs, I placed my cell phone in my ear and pretended I was on the phone until I was outside the building.

There were nowhere in site and I made it home in less than an hour. What a way to escape your collaborators! Lol!

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