Friday, June 27, 2014

I Want To Be Known For My Brain And Not My Body

Since puberty, I've been receiving tons of compliments about the way I look. Most people appear to be attracted to the way I look nowadays. Because of it, I've received tons of questions about my appearance.

Why are my glasses hiding these beautiful eyes of mine?

Your body is toned, but why don't you get more muscles?

I need to get out more. Why am I always inside and not acting like this other person?

Why do I act more smart and not seductive?

All of this is in regards to my body and how I treat myself around people. My response to that. Because I'm counting on my brain and not my body to succeed in life.

Growing up, I never had these so called good looks that everyone says I have now. All I had was my brain and my books. I've had to look deep inside myself and find out what makes me happy. So when people look at me on the outside, of course it can be puzzling why I didn't go into the other direction and depend on my looks for success.

I've been rocking glasses since I was little kid. I've become used to it and I have no intentions on wearing contacts. I dress casually and not seductively because I don't count on my looks for attention. I like casual clothes more than stand out fashion. I read literature more than magazines because I'm feeding my brain.

Don't get me wrong. I do have moments when I want to go the gym and work out. There are times when I want to walk outside with nothing on but my boxers and a wife beater. Topics revolving around sex will pop in casual conversations with me every now and then. But those are just moments. It doesn't define who I am. As much as I want success, I don't want to someday walk into a room, and a random person that doesn't know me, comes right next to me, and the only thing I could present is a Proactiv covered face with teeth that were just whitened from the dentist's office two hours ago.

I knew a long time ago that I was going to be counting on my brain more than my body. After all, I had a brain before I had good looks. I appreciate everyone who thinks I should be this other person. However, I'm comfortable dressing casually, sometimes geeky, and expressing to people what's going on in my head. I acknowledge my smartness and my sexiness, but I found the balance and they are not going to overshadow each other.

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