Friday, June 6, 2014

Stitch My Head Up! Part II

Previously on the blog post, I was telling you guys the story about how I accidentally created a hole in my scalp, and was immediately escorted to the hospital thanks to the overprotective nature of my parents.

Within 15 minutes of driving, we arrived at the hospital. I was immediately checked in and waited in the room for only 30 minutes. There were five elder people ahead of me, who have been waiting in the room for almost an hour. I skimmed past all of them due to the doctors worrying more about the child's health than the elder's help. The elders talked about having broken legs or having a bad back. I was a little kid with an open wound in my head that expand at any given time.

Who would you pick first?

They escorted me to an open hospital space. They didn't waste no time telling me the good news and bad news about the operation. The doctors had to sow my head shut using a needle and stitches in order to close the wound. I wasn't going to be put on anesthesia or laughing gas in order to not feel pain. I was going to feel 100% of the operation pain.

Recommended by the doctors in order to insure that I wasn't going to move around during the operation, my mother placed her body on top of mines. Instantly, the operation began.

I felt the needle come in and out repeatedly in my head. There were also moments when the doctor used her hands to close the wound in my head slightly while still going away with her sowing. I cried like a little girl during the whole operation. It was painful and conflicting. The one thing that surprised me about the whole operation was that I didn't move a muscle. I took that needle like a man in a child's and didn't move at all.

The operation ended in 25 minutes. My reward is a permanent scar on my head that people can visually see when I get a skim fade hairstyle.

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