Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Consequences For Cheating On My Barber

I pray to God that my barber doesn't know I have a blog. If he does, then I am totally screwed the next month when I see him for a hair appointment.

I love my barber to death. I really do. But there came a month when I couldn't afford my next month's cut. The plan was to wait another month, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. My hair is thick and wild. Even the slightest irritation in my head will cause me to scratch myself surreptitiously. Getting a haircut once a month is a necessity.

At least, it might be extended to twice a month.

On this one month, I decided to save money by taking advantage of this voucher I get from this old company that I still collaborate with. One of the benefits of working with this company is getting free barbershop vouchers. Depending on your age, you are sent to a particular barbershop where they accept their vouchers. My collaborators are all in their early 30s. They have access to this exclusive barbershop that is in collaboration with their company. In exchange for $50,000 a month including tips and royalties for the company, the company's employees get free haircuts.

Because I was the youngest person in the room like always, my only option was the American Barber Institute. No judgement!

I walked in there with the voucher, still feeling guilty that I was going behind my barber's back. I gave them by voucher and found sitting in a chair, waiting for close to an hour. The reason for that is because the majority of the barber students didn't come to work on that Friday, leaving only a few to deal with dozens of clients. Then to make it more depressing, the customers with vouchers had to wait in line because the clients who actually paid for their haircut had to go first.

Long story short, I finally got my turn. It was with a Latin male who didn't know English. Need I say more about how my haircut turned out.

That is what I get for cheating on my barber. Never again!

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