Tuesday, June 3, 2014

They Ratted Us Out To The Waitress

Two months ago, I was introduced to this bar called Art Bar, a few blocks away close to 14th St. It was me, Michael, and Daniel. It was dark into the night. We were I coming from Michael’s exhibition at an art gallery. The art gallery was the first place seeing other and we hit off instantly after a nearly two hour conversation inside of the gallery.

We got to the bar and we sat down on this couch that was ten feet away from the fireplace. We were sitting next to a chair near the fireplace, but I wasn’t chancing it. Even though it was winter season, wearing winter clothes near a fireplace would make you sweat your clothes off. I wasn’t in the mood for sweat any time soon.

We ordered chicken fajitas and nachos with cranberry vodka. The difference is that it wasn’t cranberry vodka from the restaurant. The guys ordered three cups of cranberry juice while Daniel secretly mixed it up with vodka he got from a nearby liquor store. Now I’m new to stuff like this. I didn’t know it was against the law to bring drinks inside of a bar or restaurant without it being sold from their counter. So I was oblivious to the fact that Daniel was hiding it in his bag.

I didn’t have a problem with that. According to them, this happens at places like Art Bar all the time. Stuff like this slides. So we thought!

Nearly an hour after eating, drinking, and laughing, the waitress that was serving us came back to the table. She informed us that the people that were sitting near the fireplace, who left ten minutes ago, told on us that we were spiking our drinks. Due to that, she gave us the bill and asked us to leave the building immediately. I was in complete shock. For the first time in my life, I was told to leave a bar. Also, the first time I was ever ratted out over something simple as putting alcohol in my drink.

Isn’t this what people do all the time at quiet places like Art Bar? And don’t fellow peers who dines at places like this lets it slide all the time? Let me put myself in their shoes. If I was sitting with some friends, and I saw some people spiking their drinks, because I’m so used to seeing it when it comes to the small community of people who hangs out at places like this, I would let it slide and tell them to enjoy themselves.

That wasn’t the case. We were reported to the waiter by some people that left ten minutes ago, and were told to leave. We left, but we didn’t tip the waitress.

What a way to be introduced to a new spot for the first time!

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