Friday, June 20, 2014

Web Series - The Boys Who Brunch Episode 205

Once again, I'm excited to know that episode 205 of "The Boys Who Brunch." I have to say that I am very excited on how the season has progressed. I am also impressed by each and every scene in the background.

Here is another reason why I admire this show. The background settings are so decorative and beautiful. It always reminds me of the way a Nancy Meyers movie is created. When a Nancy Meyers comes out that she was directed, written, and produced, you not only can't wait for the storyline, but also can't wait to see how well the set is decorated.

Even the exterior shots are drop dead gorgeous to me when I watch "The Boys Who Brunch." The cast and crew definitely choose the right locations to film. Everything is florescent in it's own way.

Last time, we saw the boys dealing with different situations going on with their lives. Now we see each of them accepting the challenge, and moving on with their lives the best way they can. With humor, style, and grace, another one episode is presented to you below. Have a nice watch!

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