Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Whole Foods Equals Claustrophobia

I am not afraid to admit that I am claustrophobic. It's very minor, but it occurs every once in a while.

One day, while leaving work, I decided to do some extra grocery shopping by going to the Whole Foods to Columbus Circle. I've never been in that one, but I always found myself walking past it. I was always intrigued by what was going on down there. When the time came on Friday, I finally got on the escalator and walked inside of Whole Foods.

I grabbed a shopping bag and began browsing around the produce section. I love fruit. No matter where I go, the only think that will catch is a aisle full of fruit. I began searching around for some good apples, but I found myself having to walk left and right because people were coming back and forth. There was a time I thought there wasn't enough space for my feet to move.

It finally occurred to me that it was Friday, and everyone knows what that mean in New York City. Crowds.

Fifteen minutes in the grocery ended up triggering my claustrophobia. I felt trapped because it was hard for me to move. There were too many people talking around. I felt suffocated. I had to get out of that store.

Ever since then I have never entered Whole Foods on that Friday. Too many people!

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