Monday, July 28, 2014

The Trip To Massachusetts To Get My Prize Part 3

I began my temporary journey in Massachusetts as soon as the bus left the area. I had no time to waste. I needed to be at the resort in less than an hour.

The first thing that caught my attention was that the location of the bus stop was on top of a hill. That meant I had to walk back down the hill and make a turn to the open road area. I knew instantly that this was going to be a difficult travel.

First off, I was wearing slim fit black pants and the second thing is that it's scorching hot outside. As I kept walking down the hill, I can feel my pants taking in all of the heat from the sun's rays. So for every single step, I can feel my boxers engulfing my body below the belt with a tsunami of heat and sweat.

I finally made it down the hill and began my way down the road. I've lived 20 and a half years of my life in the South, but I have never seen a open field the way I saw it in Lee, Massachusetts. There were open fields full of mountains, grass, and only a few houses. Some were even abandoned and easy to walk towards if you were risky. The area was so quiet, you can only hear the birds chirping from a distance. Only two or three cars would by pass me every five minutes.

After living in New York City for two years, this was my first time in a long time walking across a field like this. In a way, it felt like returning to familiar lands, even though it wasn't New Orleans.

In the beginning, I was scared to your skin that I wasn't going to be able to find the resort. So I felt extremely grateful that I am living in a generation where my cell phone has it's own GPS system. That way, I could never get lost.

After an hour and a half of power walking and a slight jogging, I finally made it to the resort. I told the people who I was. They asked me to wait in the lobby and welcomed me to coffee and snacks. Everyone knows I am a heavy coffee drinker and I was hungry after the entire walk. You better believe that I took advantage of the snacks in front of me.

I sat down for thirty minutes and I was eventually called to be one of the representatives from the resort.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm Looking For Cocktail Napkins

Every once in a while, you get an assignment that sends you all over the city. It's your own mini episode of The Devil Wears Prada.

One Tuesday afternoon, my boss was having another one of his annual monthly mixers being held in the conference room. It's a chance for all entrepreneurs to come together and find amazing networking opportunities for their businesses. He told me that he particularly needed cocktail napkins for the food & beverages.

I will admit. I was distracted by so many things, I completely forgot what cocktail napkins were in that moment. I quickly Google "cocktail napkins" on my computer and instantly remembered what it was. This truly is the generation where you can stop saying "I Don't Know."

Google hasn't gotten me out of a lot of embarrassing situations, but that is another story.

I was first sent to Duane Reade to find the napkins. The one across the street from the building weren't selling any. Because I knew that there was another one two blocks away, I decided to stop by that one to see if they sold it there. I looked through the isle for ten minutes and it still got me nowhere. It turns out Duane Reade doesn't even sell cocktail napkins. Or at least not the two in Times Square.

I was tired, sweaty, and getting very irritated. Disappointment was all over my face, for I felt I was going to walk back into the office with nothing to give back to my boss. Apparently, someone must've felt the essence of my internal stress.

A lady who worked there asked me to go a grocery store called The Food Emporium. I was told they sold cocktail napkins there and I should try out over there. I never been to this popular for. So it was good chance to introduce to another grocery spot.

I ran four blocks and a wide avenue to get there. Any person that lives in New York City knows that walking, or even running, to the next avenue is no joke. It will wear you out in a split second.

I made it to The Food Emporium and finally found the cocktail napkins I was looking for. They were at low price. So I bought two using my bosses money. I made it back to the office forty minutes after leaving, and told my boss what happened and why it took so long.

He appreciated my efforts to finish the job and I placed the napkins next the alcohol bottles while the meeting was still going on. You bet your butt that I had one....maybe two cups of Pinot Grigio. Hard work deserves a drink all the time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MUSED Magazine| Coping With Being The Third Wheel When All My Friends Are Coupled Up

My new article for MUSED Magazine has been published. I'm always excited to see a new piece. They're like family to me over there. Seeing what MUSED has become for almost 3 years now is such a beautiful thing that I am honored to be a part of.

In this piece Coping With Being The Third Wheel When All My Friends Are Coupled Up, I give a perspective on what's it like living the single life while all of my friends are married or in a relationship. This is a careful observational piece and I give my admiration to everyone. Whether you're single or not, everyone deserves happiness in their lives. 

Click here to read the piece.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Trip To Massachusetts To Get My Prize Part 2

The morning finally arrived and I made it to the bus station. I skipped a day of school in order to do this trip. I was anxious the whole time. After all, I haven't ventures outside of the city since I went with that lesbian couple and friends to their summer house in the Hamptons. Even so, I was being driven in the backseat of a crampy car.

This was going to be my first time riding a bus from one state to another by myself.

I got on the bus as soon as it arrived. I felt good that there weren't a lot of people on the bus. I don't know why, but a large population of people on the bus will trigger my claustrophobia. I need my space. I calmed down thanks to a little music, and then I let my mind drift off by watching the second season of Revenge on DVD.

The bus eventually took of. I got a chance to look at some sections of New York before we got on the bridge. The views were spectacular. From the restaurants to the parks and the architecture, I was amazed by everything that I saw out my window. I told myself that when I come back to New York, I am going to visit these areas.

Eventually, the bus made it up the bridge and we were on the road. I expected myself to be anxious and nervous to be leaving the state by myself. Yet, I was calm as a bird. I was relaxed and enjoying the scandalous episodes of Revenge. I grew up watching soap operas at a particular time during my teenage years.

I realized at that because I rode a Greyhound bus from New Orleans to move to New York, I grew fearful of traveling. I concurred that due to my organized planing and acceptance on wanting to change my life. That alone has made me fearful of the anxiety I originally faced when I started traveling.

I guess it was a lesson for me. When you overcome the worst the first time, the second time will make you less fearful and immune.

Two hours and a lunch that I made at home later, I finally arrived in Lee, Massachusetts. The bus parked behind a local marketplace on top of a hill. I got off and took site of what was around me. It wasn't New Orleans, but it certainly gave me a Southern vibe due to the quiet community, open land, strong wind accuracy, and hot temperature.


Monday, July 14, 2014

The Trip To Massachusetts To Get My Prize Part 1

When was the last time life actually gave you a moment when you told yourself "I won a prize?"

That one sentence sounds nonexistent nowadays because let's be honest. Hardly any of us actually one something in our lives. You look at television or read in the newspaper about someone winning the lottery. Thousands or millions of dollars have now been officially added to their bank account. Of course, they have to deal with taxes and all that stuff afterwards.

But still, they won something. Has there ever been a time when you actually had the opportunity to tell yourself that you've won a prize?

Apparently, my moment came a few months ago.

I went to the 2014 GLBT Expo, representing the travel guide company FunMaps. The Expo was just like you're everyday convention. You go from booth to booth and see the excellent resources, discounts, and a chance to win prizes that are available to you. I was too busy focusing on promoting FunMaps that I didn't worry about where I was submitting my name to. So I submitted my name to a a different travel company for a chance to win money and a week long stay on a cruise line.

Two months later, I received a phone call from the travel company, saying I've won the prize. My mouth dropped at the feeling that I've won something for the first time. I told them I was available any time to come and pick up prize.

Two weeks later, I got the phone call saying that I was confirmed to be the prize winner to come pick up the prize. However, here was the catch. I had to go to their headquarters myself and go pick up the prize.

Their headquarters was in Lee, Massachusetts.

As soon as I heard, my immediate thought was to cancel my appearance and give my prize to someone else. I haven't traveled outside of the city by myself. I was nervous about traveling. But according to the company, I couldn't turn it down after saying "Yes." Thousands of dollars were already spent on the anticipation of my arrival. Me not coming at that point would be a major disappointment.

I took a deep breath, called a friend, received a loan, and booked my a round trip ticket to Massachusetts that same night. I had to go the next day. I had no choice.