Monday, July 14, 2014

The Trip To Massachusetts To Get My Prize Part 1

When was the last time life actually gave you a moment when you told yourself "I won a prize?"

That one sentence sounds nonexistent nowadays because let's be honest. Hardly any of us actually one something in our lives. You look at television or read in the newspaper about someone winning the lottery. Thousands or millions of dollars have now been officially added to their bank account. Of course, they have to deal with taxes and all that stuff afterwards.

But still, they won something. Has there ever been a time when you actually had the opportunity to tell yourself that you've won a prize?

Apparently, my moment came a few months ago.

I went to the 2014 GLBT Expo, representing the travel guide company FunMaps. The Expo was just like you're everyday convention. You go from booth to booth and see the excellent resources, discounts, and a chance to win prizes that are available to you. I was too busy focusing on promoting FunMaps that I didn't worry about where I was submitting my name to. So I submitted my name to a a different travel company for a chance to win money and a week long stay on a cruise line.

Two months later, I received a phone call from the travel company, saying I've won the prize. My mouth dropped at the feeling that I've won something for the first time. I told them I was available any time to come and pick up prize.

Two weeks later, I got the phone call saying that I was confirmed to be the prize winner to come pick up the prize. However, here was the catch. I had to go to their headquarters myself and go pick up the prize.

Their headquarters was in Lee, Massachusetts.

As soon as I heard, my immediate thought was to cancel my appearance and give my prize to someone else. I haven't traveled outside of the city by myself. I was nervous about traveling. But according to the company, I couldn't turn it down after saying "Yes." Thousands of dollars were already spent on the anticipation of my arrival. Me not coming at that point would be a major disappointment.

I took a deep breath, called a friend, received a loan, and booked my a round trip ticket to Massachusetts that same night. I had to go the next day. I had no choice.


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