Monday, July 21, 2014

The Trip To Massachusetts To Get My Prize Part 2

The morning finally arrived and I made it to the bus station. I skipped a day of school in order to do this trip. I was anxious the whole time. After all, I haven't ventures outside of the city since I went with that lesbian couple and friends to their summer house in the Hamptons. Even so, I was being driven in the backseat of a crampy car.

This was going to be my first time riding a bus from one state to another by myself.

I got on the bus as soon as it arrived. I felt good that there weren't a lot of people on the bus. I don't know why, but a large population of people on the bus will trigger my claustrophobia. I need my space. I calmed down thanks to a little music, and then I let my mind drift off by watching the second season of Revenge on DVD.

The bus eventually took of. I got a chance to look at some sections of New York before we got on the bridge. The views were spectacular. From the restaurants to the parks and the architecture, I was amazed by everything that I saw out my window. I told myself that when I come back to New York, I am going to visit these areas.

Eventually, the bus made it up the bridge and we were on the road. I expected myself to be anxious and nervous to be leaving the state by myself. Yet, I was calm as a bird. I was relaxed and enjoying the scandalous episodes of Revenge. I grew up watching soap operas at a particular time during my teenage years.

I realized at that because I rode a Greyhound bus from New Orleans to move to New York, I grew fearful of traveling. I concurred that due to my organized planing and acceptance on wanting to change my life. That alone has made me fearful of the anxiety I originally faced when I started traveling.

I guess it was a lesson for me. When you overcome the worst the first time, the second time will make you less fearful and immune.

Two hours and a lunch that I made at home later, I finally arrived in Lee, Massachusetts. The bus parked behind a local marketplace on top of a hill. I got off and took site of what was around me. It wasn't New Orleans, but it certainly gave me a Southern vibe due to the quiet community, open land, strong wind accuracy, and hot temperature.


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