Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Technology Dependency

Technology has become a central part of our lives. It has come a long way from the time when we used to think it was a hobby. Now it is more advanced and a part of or lives more than how we expected it to be. We wont be able to last a day without technology. It's an addiction that's optional for rehab if we want it.

I began to realize during my own self experience. I woke up at a friend's place after a crazy night of partying. I was totally intoxicated the night before and I knew I couldn't make it back to my apartment. So my friend was good enough his door for me.

By the time I woke up and realized I had to go to work, I was totally aware that I wasn't going to be able to get my laptop and arrive to work on time. I left it at home and just came to work. Within the first two hours sitting in my chair, I found myself freaking out and ready to lose it. All of my work and personal things were on that computer. With the exception of my phone, I had no technology around me.

The fact that I couldn't last two hours without technology made me realize how dependent I was on technology. I was lucky to get everything done on my phone, but I had a visual statistic on how we as human beings are dependent on technology.

Do you feel the same way?

"Singled OUT!" with Roque Caston on

I got a email from a guy named Gee Session-Smalls, who runs a very popular website with his husband titled He said he read my feature Coping With Being The Third Wheel When All My Friends Are Coupled Up on MUSED magazine, and ask me if I would contribute a piece to his popular "Singled OUT!" column.

Singled OUT!”is a popular column on the LoveWorks section of Juan& that features the perspective of guest writers who are single, dating and OUT!  The purpose of the column is to acknowledge the voices of single supporters and to begin to understand love & relationships through the lens of people's reality.

I was happy to share my perspective on the single life. My piece is titled "There's Nothing Wrong With High Standards."

Click here and enjoy the article. Thank you to Gee-Session Smalls and Juan Session-Smalls for letting me be featured in your popular column series.