Friday, December 5, 2014

Freelance Article: The G-List Society "When Gay Men Decides To Change His Role In Dating & Relationships”

“After playing the field for so long, metaphorically speaking, just to have hearts broken by the same type of dominance in the romantic sense, there comes a time when a submissive man is tired of playing that role, and is ready to change his ways for future romantic partnerships…..”

This is only a preview of what is written in my new freelance article that is officially online for everyone to see. This new article is titled “When A Gay Man Decides To Change His Role In Dating & Relationships.This is a social commentary piece regarding gay men and how things have changed for some of them in regards to how they view relationships nowadays. Based on my observation, it looks like cupid might have to literally scratch some men off his list, and find new targets for the men who are changing their ways.

Some are not “bending over” anymore.

Click the link below to read the rest and enjoy the ride. Big thanks Waddie Grant, creator of The G-List Society for publishing this piece. It feels wonderful to be featured on another mainstream online media that all our peers now.

Don’t forget. Be sure to comment, share, and subscribe to The G-List Society. Like Wendy Williams say, “Everyone have an opinion.” Don’t be afraid to share yours. Your voice matters, no matter how ridiculous your opinion might be.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Awkward Transition From Weekly To Monthly Metrocards

I, for one, didn't ever think I would now be using monthly metrocards. Then my transition happened by total accident.

I woke up at 6:50a.m. to begin another day in college. Wanting to catch trains before the morning traffic arrived, I quickly got dressed, ate breakfast, and left by 7 in order to catch the 7:15 train. I don't know why many people spend a large amount of time to get ready. It only takes me ten minutes to get ready as long as I have my clothes prepared for the day before.

I got to the machine, ready to process my new metrocard for the new week. I was pressing one button after the next like I had the whole procedure memorize from start to finish. My internal thoughts were thinking that I wasn't going to make a mistake because I've been following the same steps since the day I started processing metrocards from the machine.

All of a sudden, my mind came back to reality and I saw the machine read "You will be charged $112. Ok."

My heart instantly fell. I accidentally pressed the monthly metrocard instead of the weekly. I had my card processed into the machine and everything. There was no going back. My only choice was to press Ok. So I did.

Out came a new monthly metrocard and so began my new collection of monthly metrocards. Isn't that something?