Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Awkward Transition From Weekly To Monthly Metrocards

I, for one, didn't ever think I would now be using monthly metrocards. Then my transition happened by total accident.

I woke up at 6:50a.m. to begin another day in college. Wanting to catch trains before the morning traffic arrived, I quickly got dressed, ate breakfast, and left by 7 in order to catch the 7:15 train. I don't know why many people spend a large amount of time to get ready. It only takes me ten minutes to get ready as long as I have my clothes prepared for the day before.

I got to the machine, ready to process my new metrocard for the new week. I was pressing one button after the next like I had the whole procedure memorize from start to finish. My internal thoughts were thinking that I wasn't going to make a mistake because I've been following the same steps since the day I started processing metrocards from the machine.

All of a sudden, my mind came back to reality and I saw the machine read "You will be charged $112. Ok."

My heart instantly fell. I accidentally pressed the monthly metrocard instead of the weekly. I had my card processed into the machine and everything. There was no going back. My only choice was to press Ok. So I did.

Out came a new monthly metrocard and so began my new collection of monthly metrocards. Isn't that something?

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