Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Nurse Drained The Whiskey Out Of Me

I'm not advocating in convincing people to doing something like this, but it was quite interesting what happened to me on that day.

I woke up one morning with my body still filled with whiskey from the night before. I woke up the first time at around three in the morning and struggled to go back to sleep. So around four, I did something about it by drinking more whiskey in order to go back to sleep. It was a crazy attempt, but it did work. By the time it was five in the morning, I was passed out and went into a sleep in order to be ready for the traditional morning.

I woke up and rose up enough to leave my apartment to run a few errands. I was still half drunk, but it didn't stop me from doing what I had to do for the day. One of those things was a doctor's appointment. Today was the day to do some recent blood work for the doctor. The thing that is interesting about being a man in your twenties is that you are taught early what you need to do before you turn thirty or even forty. It's situations like that that makes me laugh. We are taught in our twenties to have fun, yet at the same time, look out for our health and be careful.

A tiny case of bi-polar disorder from the doctors if you ask me. Lol.

I went to the doctor trying to hide the whiskey that was still in my system. We went inside a private room and began doing blood work. She wanted to do an update on my health and decided to do some blood work. She stuck the needle in me and blood began to draw out.

Call me crazy, but I thought this was an interesting experience. As the blood was coming out of me, I felt the whiskey was coming out of my system. Every alcoholic was coming out. By the time the session was over, I was sober like nobody's business. I walked out of that doctor's office ready to go out for a jog without the hopes of running into anybody accidentally.

All I can say is this about my doctor. She sure knew how to drain the whiskey out of me.

Monday, December 14, 2015

H&M + Me = Temporary Holiday Shopping Addict

People like me aren't normally caught in the middle of discount manias. I've never been tempted by things like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I admit that they each provide excellent deals, but I still think it applies that particular groups of people who aren't afraid to spend at least $100 a day.

I don't know how this happened. I remembered walking into a H&M because I wanted to use my new credit card and spend it on a new pair of underwear. I'm growing up now and everything from my personal desk to my underwear drawer needs to evolve. So with a few hours to spare, I decided to go to the nearby store and finally buy this particular pair of boxer briefs that I've been dying to buy and wear forever. The minute I stepped foot in there, my mouth dropped.

It started out with a pair of pants that would normally sell for $39, and I got it for $10. Some button down shirts and sweaters that normally sales around $15-$20 has been downsized to $5-$9.99. Of course, it's hard to find shirts that are a size XS and pants that are a 28-29 waist, but the minute I saw them, you know I grabbed them. I even for the first time found a hat that actually matches my head after almost my entire life of looking for one. I never came home with a large shopping bag full of clothes.

I thought I was going to go in there once. I've been there four times now. I'm staring at my closet fill up in a good way, seeing that I've finally found time to stock it up. When college life kicks into overdrive shopping is the least thing on your mind unless you treat it as a therapist. Retail Therapy 101.

Shopping like crazy isn't a problem if you know you can afford. In many ways, this has been doing me a favor. I've been meaning to add more stuff in my closet. My account are actually screaming out "Hallelujah" because they know me as the guy that doesn't spend much. So all of my credit cards are happy right now.

When H&M said 60% off they truly weren't kidding. H&M has become the new thrift stores when it comes to their holiday specials.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

All Gay Men Should Be Sexually Versatile

I went out to dinner one night with a friend from college. We began having one of those long, heartfelt, deep, man-to-man conversations, which is one of the reasons why I love our friendship. I know that whenever he and I get together, we are going to be the discussing the truth about life. This one conversation blew my mind, and I still to this day can never forget it.

The both of us agreed that the experiences in our last relationships influenced us to be sexually fluent with our future partners. We’ve always played a certain position for our partners during our early years. But somewhere down the line, things began to change.

We grew up and became more self-aware of ourselves as men in general. The roles shifted where instead of us wanting to be taken care of, we wanted to take on that dominant role and take care of someone else due to previous experiences in being mistreated. The same way women are encouraged to know their bodies inside and out, we believe that the same should apply to men and their bodies; knowing how it develops and how to take care of it gently.

One of overall things we agreed on as gay men is that we should all be sexually versatile.

I, for one, can say that I’m tired of labels and the social taboos we put on ourselves as gay men. As soon as we present ourselves to people in a certain way, there’s instantly a label placed on our forehead. Once that happens, the label becomes the definition of the person it’s been put on. They know how they would act amongst their friends. They know what role they’ve taken when they have a boyfriend. And finally, they know what position they are in bed, and it’ll never change.

This is what I say. Remove the label and become versatile with who you are inside and out. 

People who are sexually versatile do in many ways want to have it both ways every single night. This is a factual thing. But the one thing that I don’t think people know about sexual versatility is that people who do it are satisfied with whatever position they get in when the lights go off. After all, when it’s time to turn off that lamp on the nightstand, you don’t know what you’re going to get. Your partner may say they do one thing, but the night may result in a completely different sexual episode that they didn’t disclose to you.

For a versatile person, they know their bodies and their well-being inside and out. Their minds have been taught to be fluent with their sexual escapades. This applies not only physically, but spiritually, and knowledgeably. For the average person that can be a close minded, you’ll be surprised what happens to you when you begin to read an erotica novel, or listening to stories regarding BDSM, or the handkerchief code. That knowledge on life unconsciously influenced yourself to be open-minded about so many things in life without limiting yourself to the traditional A-Z rules of sex you grew up listening about.

The overall conclusion of any sexual episode is to finish the night satisfied with sweat, achieving orgasms, and having an explosive ejaculation from down under. What’s the point in having to add all of those extra strict limitations that you’ve placed on your body regarding terms like “tops” and “bottoms?”

This is just my own personal opinion. I know people look at sex and the roles they play more different than how I perceive it. I just refuse to live life full of social taboos and labels. I’m the type of person who has researched, studied, and learned from many different people, cultures and various parts of life, that it has caused me to be open minded, and not put social labels on how I act amongst my lovers, or how I perform in the bedroom.

Like I said before, you don’t know what you’ll be when the lights go off. So why limit yourself with only one position?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Don't Put That Box In The Microwave

Sometimes, discovering that certain people don't have knowledge on some of the simplest things continue to surprise me.

One day, I came to campus with homemade pasta put in a container for lunch later on. It was cold and I needed to put it in a microwave. The first microwave I could think of was the microwave at Fieterman Hall. I'm always a fan of that cafe, so it was like accomplishing two things at once going to that building. My food can get warmed up and I can dine in a somewhat quiet location. You never know what could happen when multiple characters are occupying one room.

I went to the cafe inside Fieterman to discover that the microwave was still broken. I wasn't surprised since that microwave has been broken for two weeks straight. That's the one thing I'll never understand about college. When a college has money you can replace something immediately. Don't kill the sociology. Just bring a new microwave and keep the pace together.

Since I realized that I wasn't actually going to be able to lounge in the cafeteria, I left Fieterman and made my way into the main campus. The cafeteria has about five microwaves for anyone to use. The chance of me not getting the chance to warm my food was zero to none in my book. I made to the cafeteria thinking things were going to be smooth and easy. I was wrong on so many levels.

Each microwave had at five to six people standing in a line towards every microwave. They had multiple containers of food, meaning that each of them were going to take a while warming everything. My prediction was at least ten minutes per person. In that moment, you know I wanted to yell to the top of my lungs, asking life to give me a break. All I wanted to do was warm up my cold ass pasta and have a nice day.

It got better when we started to smell something burning. One of the microwaves was puffing out smoke, bringing fear in our eyes that something was about explode. A student opened the microwave and what I saw in the microwave really shocked me. There was a frozen pizza with the lower part of the box inside of the microwave. I couldn't believe my eyes. I dropped my mouth like that scene from the Genie in Aladdin.

Everyone knows logically that you're not supposed to keep even a tiny bit of the box into the microwave. Yet, the student who put it in there took it out and asked others questions about why it was smoking like it was something unexpected from everyone. The ridiculousness disgust so much, I had to step away. In the end, I ate a cold pasta and lunch was ruined.

Thank you so much to all the microwaves avoiding me that day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Being A President Is Not Easy

I haven't been blogging much these days because I've been taking on extra work and responsibilities in my life that's been requiring me to stay away from my own personal blog. I began my new semester in college, studying hard and staying up to speed with my classes. I've taken editorial positions and contributing my writings to various digital & print publications. To top things up, I've taken on position as President of my college's writing club, along with being put in charge as editor-in-chief for another issue of the club's literary magazine The Guild.

This is my first time being the President of anything. I didn't think I would take a position about this, but it was recommended by everyone I know. I was Vice-President last semester, so I only did most of my work behind the scenes. However, colleagues and professors in the college love and respected my professionalism, work ethic, and poised personality. My diplomatic of looking at and handling things were something they felt was something they needed. I declined the offer multiple times, but I eventually saw why they asked me to run.

No offense to Borough of Manhattan Community College, but I sometimes feel like I live in a web of dysfunction. I have to run from person to person just to accurate information. People are not being told things properly, but often times, you got to do it yourself and here is from your own ears. I decided to step in because I grew up in a family background that believed in order and structure. There was never dysfunction. It was always step one to step two.

My rebellious decided to step in and fix multiple puzzle boxes that many people are aware of. That's what I'm currently experiencing as the President of my club. I'm putting together pieces and preventing them from falling into a web of dysfunction like many clubs are going through across the college. I believe in calmness and stability. If dysfunction is bound to happen, I'll Olivia Pope it before it goes into fruition.

I even sometimes sacrifice personal time to get some extra work done before the next day.

I don't think people truly understand the hard work a person has to do behind the scenes in order to make everything seem calm and good in public. When I'm talking to my club about the things that are happening, I'm always thinking about the other stuff I have to do ranging from the outdoor events to the finances to cover it. I want everyone to have a good time and have no problems.

There are times when I feel the physical strain put upon me. Even though I have a team from my wonderful vice-president to my wonderful secretary and publicity officers, I do my best to make sure their load is not heavy as well. I believe my team should work well and not be overwhelmed. But I power through it and continue to go through smooth sailing.

I love my writing club and I love what we stand for. There are times when I'm acknowledging that being the president of a club is not easy sometimes.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Poised Homeless Person

Homeless people continue to surprise me.

I walked into the Kennedy Fried Chicken & Wings, the fast food joint near my apartment. A man like me goes with his craving, and I was craving fried chicken for the night. Normally, I would cook on Mondays, but I wasn't in the mood for that night. I ordered my traditional meal at that restaurant; 3 piece chicken with fries and a soda. I hysterically sometimes ask the owner if he can put three breasts Inside the box instead of the others. I like a lot of meat and the chicken breast have the most meat.

As I'm waiting for my food to be ready, in comes a homeless woman who was seemingly big boned and looked like her legs were about to fall apart. she sat on the other side of the table I was sitting at. She sat there with her body poised etiquette, as if she just came from reading a Jane Austen novel outside.

Within seconds, I'm laughing on the inside. Did she really think she's going to get some money by posing in front of a nerd? I gave her $0.50 just so she can get away from me. Her form of begging was ridiculous. 

She walked away and wished me good luck on life. I just looked at it at the where does 30 seconds of my life that week.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Liquor Store Regular

You know you're officially a regular at your local liquor store when the owner says "Hi" to you before you even say it. That's because you've been going to the same spot for so long, your face has become memorable to their eyes. That would be the case for me at my local liquor store near my apartment. That would also be a sad case for people who don't have a good reputation there.

I walked over to the liquor store to order another bottle of vodka. I made it a habit of buying some of the cheap liquor bottle under $10. I think a lot of people have this misconception about cheap liquor. They assume that just because the liquor is cheap, the buzz isn't good. You will be surprised at what brands you can discover under $10 that can give you that same quick, long lasting buzz just as the same as Ciroc, Skyy, Grey Goose, to name a few.

I grabbed a bottle of Romanoff because I liked the name. I've been told by some of my friends who are "experienced functioning drinkers" that Romanoff is a particular cheap vodka brand that will give you a nice buzz when you use it to mix a cocktail with. I love cocktails. So I obviously couldn't turn it down.

I walked towards the cash register, and a woman stopped me in my place before I made to the cashier. She was a older black woman wearing a black t-shirt with black sweats. She wore sunglasses with her hair wrapped up in a ponytail.

She began talking to me, saying that she just wanted someone to talk to. Based on the way she was speaking, I expected that she was looking for money or something. I gave her a dollar, which she accepted, but it wasn't enough for her. Based on how the tone in her voice changed and the way she kept saying that she wanted me, my assumption was that she was about to cry at any minute. She should of heard this woman's voice. I was about seconds away from giving her a hug.

"Are you alright?" I asked her.

"No," she responded. "I just been having a hard day and I need someone to talk to. I don't want anything. I just want you."

She started to get a little creepy, especially when she asked me for ten dollars a few seconds later while also mentioning that my bottle of Romanoff looked like a giant penis. I felt I like I was about to be in a weird ghetto version of Fatal Attraction.

All of a sudden, I'm hearing the words "NOT YOU AGAIN!"

She turned around and said "I knew you were going to say something."

I turned around. It was the owner of the liquor store. A Chinese man in casual clothing. Based on my memory, he was always a nice guy. But in this moment, he was loud and angry like I've never seen him before. I always tell my friends that you have not lived until you seen the rath of a Chinese man.

"Get out of here," he shouted. "Don't mess with the flow of business."

He was hitting the cashier with a newspaper while screeching, causing it to echo across the room. The black woman kept retaliating by saying that she was a child of God, and that he couldn't touch her. The scene got so crazy, the other cashier lady called me over so she could cash me out. And that's what they did. I swiped my credit card, took my liquor bottle, and left the scene.

It was 7:00pm. All I wanted to do that night was cook dinner, turn on Spotify, brew a cocktail, and get drunk.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Roque's Reality Newsletter: Vol. 2 Issue #9

As I'm slowly stepping back into the world of blogging, I'm happy to delight my readers with the release of my new "Roque's Reality" newsletter. This newsletter contains quick, short pieces of information regarding what's going on in my community. It also contains some of my recent pieces published from my collaborations with other publications.

It's not much, but it's at least showing you guys how productive I've been this whole summer. Click on the link below and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Family Dollar, Cosmetics, and The Latin Girl

Going shopping at stores never seeks to amaze me. Something is always bound to happen in close spaces. Another prime example is my experience last week at the Family Dollar.

I walked over to Family Dollar to buy some supplies for my living room and bathroom. I felt that it was that time in the summer to redecorate and fill this apartment up with more things. It's weeks before the new semester begins. I'm at the point where I truly want this apartment to feel like a place to come home to. So the last couple of weeks has been all about shopping and filling this place up from the kitchen appliances to the bathroom curtains and rugs.

Inside this Family Dollar, I picked up a couple of solar window curtains. These curtains are specifically made to prevent the sun's rays from your apartment during that time of day when it shines down at your apartment while on it's way down. Their very effective and keeps your apartment cool in the process. The same applies in vice versa to winter season.

I was in line and in front of me was this Latin woman. For what I thought was going to be a quick checkout turned out to last longer than I thought. She picked up over twenty different colors of nail polish. I almost thought she bought out the whole cosmetics isle. She didn't know English and was talking in Spanish the whole time.

Naturally, the Family Dollar employee had to check each of these out one by one, which can be incredible frustrating for some people in the line having to wait so long. I'm a patient person and didn't mind waiting. The person behind me however thought differently.

"This is fucking crazy," he said out loud. "How many cosmetics does a bitch need?"

The Latin woman obviously didn't know what he was saying. The others could hear him on the other hand. I turned around slightly to see who the guy was. He looked like a teenager in high school who was going through a sexism phase. So I gave him a pass. Another isle opened and he immediately ran over into that line.

By the time he got to the other line, the Latin woman was finally checked out and it was my turn. Too bad for him, for there were seven more people right behind me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ten Things You Will Experience In College

Attend A Frat Party

You know those legendary parties you kept hearing about that are hosted by fraternities? Sounds like a myth when you think about it every now and then. Well it’s not a myth. When you go to college and they have a fraternity house, guarantee that there is a wild party being planned around the corner. When you go to a frat party you will experience one of the wildest nights of your life. Expect alcohol, loud music, tons of people, you know the rest. You will have a wild night that you won’t forget.

Smoke Marijuana

Just like alcohol, marijuana is going to be around you like a drug tempting you to go down the road. It’s hard to avoid it. Students in college are smoking it around the corner in areas where hardly anyone walks around. Pot dealers are sometimes in walking distance from the campus because they were called by fellow students to meet them around certain places. You might even smell a bit of it marinating on a student’s clothes. So why not get it out of the way and scratch it off your bucket list. It doesn’t have to be a full joint. You can get it out of the way with a simple huff and puff.

Have a Romance on Campus

You’re around classmates and people around your age group every single day. It’s bound to happen if you’re single that you’ve developed this slight attraction for someone on campus. You will walk across the hall one day and there is this one person who just can’t take off of. You instantly have the picture of the two of you as a couple. By all means, go for it. Relationships are a beautiful thing, and you especially deserve a moment like in college. Love conquers all.

Vomit From Excessive Drinking

We all started out as rookie drinkers. We were just so excited to experience the thing that was forbidden for us to drink until we turned twenty-one. We were inexperienced in the beginning. We didn’t know that you were supposed to sip vodka instead of gulping like we do with Gatorade and soda pops. The conclusion is always the same.

You getting majorly wasted and finding yourself vomiting everything out in the bathroom toilet, or a mop bucket. Whichever one is closest to you. Just know that it happens. It’s going to take a while before your body is actually capable of holding liquor.

Get Involved In a Club

Extracurricular activities are a must for students who want to do more than just go to class and study. If you have a hobby, skill, or talent, there is perhaps a club on campus that fits what you like to do. If you’re English major who loves to write, join the writers club. If you’re a business major with a taste for advertising, there might be a club related to communications. Joining a club is a perfect way to keep you active and busy on campus.

Have A Professor That Just Don’t Like You

Not every teacher is going to like you. There will be a time in college where there will be that one professor where no matter how hard you try they just don’t like you for some reason. Maybe they had a expectation of you passing and you kept on failing. Maybe you’re always smiling and they don’t understand how a student can have a jolly personality all the time. Either way, just be prepared when a situation like that between you and your professor to happen. It can start from a time when you’re getting your Associates or when you’re getting your Ph.D.

Have A Enemy

No matter what you do, there are some people in this world that just isn’t going to like you. Somewhere down the line, you’ll meet someone that won’t like you, and you won’t like them back with a passion. You might develop a rivalry with this person, and are always competing to become better than the other from a distance. Either way, at least you’ll acknowledge that the two of you are enemies. Have a friendly fight without actually punching each other in the face.

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

College is all about experimentation. As you get older, you want to try out new things. Maybe you’ve been the nice guy/girl all your life and you perhaps want to do something wild at least once in your life. You’re allowed that. The last thing you want to do is being in your forties regretting about the things you wish you should have done. Live while you’re young. Be up to things while you still can. That way, when you’re older, you’ll have plenty of stories to tell.


The same way happiness comes into our lives, so does sadness. It can revolve around a friendship falling apart, a relationship that didn’t last, not passing in a class, or having a heated argument with the one you love. Heartache is bound to happen at least once to you. The best thing to do is to just lay back and go through the emotions. Then when that time come when you’re ready to stop crying, you’ll be able to pick yourself back up, and be able to battle with life dead in the face again.

New Ways of Learning

Here is something people don’t tell you in high school. Teachings in college are so much different from the way you were taught in high school. It’s a whole new ball game that you need to adapt to quickly. So throw away all the things you learned in high school into the dumpster, and adapt to this new way of learning in college. It’s better to know this while you’re ahead. If you think college is just like high school, get ready to have life slap you in the face.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hiding My Marijuana Scent On Campus

My personal barber came to my apartment one day to cut my hair again. I always look forward to our little mini get togethers. When it comes to relationships there is nothing like one between a man and his barber. You can't describe it. People, especially men, knows exactly what I'm talking about.

My barber likes to smoke marijuana. He has his own people that provides him good amounts. He asked me if I wanted to smoke some after cutting my hair to kill time. I was fine with that. I had a scholarship meeting on campus that wasn't going to happen for another four hours. I had plenty of time to kill.

Two hours later, I took a look around the air in my apartment engulfed with a combination of marijuana and in scents. I didn't pay close attention to it, for I was having a good time huffing and puffing. I was in bed experiencing my own effects from smoking a joint while my barber was writing in his journal. According to him, I filled the room with so much artistry that the essence was rubbing off him, causing him to get creative.

I looked at the clock and realized it was time to go. My barber packed up while I went over to grab my winter coat and my apartment keys. For me still being a rookie pot smoker, I was totally unaware of what you have to go after you smoke pot. You have to take a shower and put your clothes away, so you wouldn't walk around with the smell. I didn't know this until it was too late.

I got on the train and arrived on campus an hour early to my scholarship meeting. I thought it would be a good idea to kill time by going to the library and watch videos on YouTube. The minute I sat down and took off my coat, I woke up the whole campus.

A whole smell of marijuana escaped my coat like a invisible puff of smoke, and quickly spread across the library. Student after student raised their heads wondering who was smoking pot in the library. I quickly put my coat back and tried to conceal the smell for the rest of the evening.

So you could only imagine what I was doing when it was time for my scholarship meeting.

For a rookie pot smoker, I truly learned my lesson about a requirement regarding the aftermath of smoking cannabis.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Your Place Should Be The Ultimate Comfort Zone

There's an old saying that the only two places you as a human being is going to have peace is the grave and your house. That speaks volumes because when you think about it, those are two places where you expect no drama to happen at all. Can you imagine coming home from a long day of work and melodrama only to come inside and realize that you've entered another room full of melodrama?

You know something isn't right when you are arrive in front of your place, stand up straight on the porch frozen as a statue for five to ten seconds. Then you take a deep breath before you even put the key into the lock. I don't know about you, but I refuse to let my place follow that daily schedule of mental stress.

Your house or apartment should be the ultimate comfort zone. It should be a place you look forward to when you've come from a busy day. After all, our apartment is when we put the guards down and let ourselves be vulnerable.

This is the time when you strip all your clothes off and walk around naked if you want to. You grab a beer from the refrigerator and let it satisfy your thirst while on your way to the couch to watch random stuff on Netflix. You might even get a hot bath ready while you're at it.

Still, this is the time of your day and/or night when you're supposed to be in peace. Your environment is drama free. You can actually relax before you have to step out the door tomorrow, and deal with the real world again.

So whatever you do, make sure your place is forever your comfort zone. If you have to feng shui the place from top to bottom, by all means do it. Just make the effort in putting the work in. If you want peace in your place, bust that fucking door down, and drag that drama outside by the wig and root canal.

I'll be damned before I walk in my own place, and I ain't got no peace in every room I walk in. We all have an atmosphere that shouldn't be altered by yesterday's melodrama.

Let's put comfort in that imperial suite of ours.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Album Review - Jason Derulo "Everything Is 4"

Jason Derulo just released his fourth studio album, and it is a guaranteed good time you should have for your 2015 music library.

Other than his catchy hit "Want To Want Me," there are a bunch of other songs that can be one hit after the next in my opinion. My personal favorites are "Cheyee" and "Try Me," a collaboration with Jennifer Lopez and Matoma. If I had to decide, I would personally like "Cheyee" to be the second single.

This song has kind of a dark vibe that reminds me on the 1980s. Every time I listen to it, it sounds like a scene from a hit musical film. I love a good dark song that has a good music in the background. The second song is a feel good that makes you just want to sit down on the couch with a beer. The excellent extra flavor would be dancing in the apartment with Jennifer Lopez in the room.

Although, my instincts are telling me that the next single is going to be "Get Ugly." This is another song that you can dance to. It's dirty, catchy, and a little reminiscent of "Talk Dirty To Me" in regards to the lyrics, not the beat.

Overall, the fact that there are so many songs on this album that are so good you can't pick a favorite means that Jason Derulo has did his thing. He has created a album that all his fans can relate to. As a Jason Derulo fan myself, I would like everyone to buy this album. It's for everyone. Well done you wonderfully talented music artist.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Taylor Swift & Her Relatable Lyrics On Friendship

Still to this day, I don't think Taylor Swift doesn't get the full level of respect she deserves as a songwriter. Every song she releases contains a message that we all can relate to. Bad Blood is certainly one of them.

Bad Blood is a pop record about a friendship that started out great. It was all mad love and wonderful times. Now due to a betrayal, the friendship has ended and now the two have bad blood rivalry between them.

I don't know about you, but it's been a long time since I heard a song this good about friendship.  I often say that friendships are much more deeper than relationships. When it comes to friends you are sharing many deep moments when one another. Whether you're happy or sad, every moment you share is precious to you. So friendship end in betrayal and hurt, bad blood runs deep, and it's incredibly hard to recover hard from it.

If you're able to successfully recover and solve the problem, your friendship has learned a lesson and you've moved on from it. Sadly, there are times when a friendship runs sour, and ends in a deadly hatred. Bad blood is furious thing like red flames in the fire.

That's what I appreciate about the lyrics to this song, and the music video that accompanied with it. Taylor Swift did her thing and she is certainly up another level musically with this overall album. I thought I was addicted to Style, but now Bad Blood is heading up there. Matter of fact, I'll just drop my bets and bow down, saying that I don't have a favorite song from this album because I love the whole album.

I can personally say what I like about Taylor Swift is how relatable she is. Here is a woman in her 20s writing songs about what it's like being in your 20s. As a man in his 20s, I can totally relate to her as a singer, songwriter, and overall human being.

Confessions from a Swiftie.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Difficulty In Having Many Groups of Friends

Throughout my childhood, I always looked at friendships a lot differently than how it is today. I always thought it was about tiny circles of people hanging out with each other twenty-four seven until the day you die. I grew watching the girls from Sex & the City, the friends from Friends, the boys from Ed, Edd n Eddy, and the girls from Girlfriends. My mindset followed that formula of finding your three, four, or seven friends for life, and it’s us against the world for the rest of your life. That way, in the end, we can be that small successful group of friends like the characters in the Tyler Perry film Why Did I Get Married?

My expectation was that this was psychological formula that everyone follows. Now that I’ve moved to New York City, I understand that’s not the case.

Nowadays, you have to jump back and forth from one group of friends to the next.

One minute, you have to hang out with your friends from college. Then old acquaintances from your past come back, and you’re scheduling time with them. You’ve made friends with coworkers from your job, and are planning after work cocktail nights with them at the local bar. You’re still in touch with friends from your hometown and keeping mutual contact via Facebook and Twitter, and some are in the city with a desire to talk to you. You go to social events to support a friend you haven’t seen in years to see his work. You might have Broadway friends wanting you to come see Wicked again. Art gallery friends taking you to the next new exhibition. Hipster friends wanting you to come check out this indie burger joint somewhere in Brooklyn.

This list goes on, but the point I'm trying to make is that there are lots of friends to manage personal time with.

It also happens to be that those friends of yours are dealing with the same thing. They have different groups of friends who also have different groups of friends to manage time with. The list goes on and on, and it seems to be limitless. After getting a total overview on how life operates when it comes to friendships here in the 21st century, I couldn’t help but wonder.

When did managing multiple groups of people who are also part of different groups of friends become part of the 21st century friendship package?

Those are answers I’m still trying to figure out. All I know is this. It’s becoming difficult to run back and forth like this.

I love all the friends and acquaintances I’ve met throughout the years. I have respect for all of them and they have my utmost support. There are just times when jumping back and forth to different groups becomes a full time job. The publishing industry might as well create a planner dedicated to friendaholics who try to keep their friendships with people from many different groups together.

For it is difficult to be jumping back and forth like this!