Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Misinterpretation Of A Subway Order

It’s quite interesting how life tells you that it’s time for a change. Even towards to the simplest things like time to change the places where you order you sandwiches. I read an article on Buzzfeed about a list of things that New Yorkers should stop doing. One of the things it said was to stop ordering sandwiches at Subway. If you want a real sandwich, take yourself to a local deli where owners actually put passion in the sandwiches they make.

I definitely agreed with the article, but due to my busy college life, I didn’t make the effort to make the adjustments. That is, until life decided to do it to me by accident.

One day, I rose up from the subway train in TriBeCa, heading over to campus to start the only afternoon class I had that day. Knowing my ways, I thought I was going to be able to survive skipping lunch after having nothing but coffee and cereal for breakfast. My stomach thought differently and beginning rumbling like a drummer high on caffeine and speed pills. I tried to resist, but I knew I had to grab something to eat. The majority of eating spots around my campus are fast food places. There are a few delis and diners here and there, but you have to spot them with a critical eye.

I made a left turn and found myself entering Subway.

My orders from Subway were always very simple: a toasted six-inch meatball marinara sandwich with American cheese inside of it. I’ve never eaten anything else from that place except that one sandwich. That’s how I preferred and I like my sandwiches just the way I like it.

When the sandwich got to the toppings section, the woman working asked me if I wanted any toppings. I told her nothing. I liked my sandwich just the way it is. It was in that moment that everything changed. Somewhere in my tongue, the woman thought I said the word “mayonnaise,” and there I saw her add the one thing I don’t like about sandwiches, and put lots of it inside my meatball marinara sandwich. I don’t know about you, but mayonnaise and marinara sauce are not meant to come together.

Long story short, the sandwich was terrible.

Ever since then, I’ve ordered my sandwiches from a deli. I’m not eating meatball sandwiches that much anymore, but at least I get to stay with the classics. I got drunk at a party one night, and came to class hung over with coffee & two eggs on a roll that I ordered from the deli down the street. It was DELICIOUS!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Eat Your Cravings Everyday!

I stumbled upon a video about one of my favorite writers Nora Ephron. She did an interview with Charlie Rose discussing last meals. 

I love overall message on a deeper level. It has even widened my perspective regarding last meals to overall cravings. What she meant by last meals is that you should eat it every chance you get till the day you die. You never know when your last day will come. So it’s always important to eat that one thing you love more than anything in the world.

I know my last meal is and I take my opportunity to eat it every chance I get.

Not only that, but it’s also inspired me to eat whatever it is that I’m craving every single day. If I wake up one day craving a burger, I will stop by a place and buy a burger. If I am craving fried chicken, I will stop by Kennedy and order my traditional fried chicken meal from that spot. This applies to my three-square meals and snacks I consume on the side.

This is physical proof of me showing that I am not affected by the world when it comes to discussing diets, carbs, starch, calories, etc. I personally refuse to have my food consumption limited. I know my body inside and out, and I will never resist any food temptation.

A lot of people don’t realize that there can be so much satisfaction towards oneself when you go with your cravings. It might be temporary, but you will feel grateful in the end that you’re eating what your heart, mind, and stomach desires on that very day/night.

You only live once. Go with whatever it is you’re craving on that day, and enjoy yourselves.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Treat Yourself!

One thing I love about the Italians is that they enjoy their lives without anyone telling them that they have to. If their boss comes up to them and say they deserve a break for the day, Italians don’t have to be told that. Because they already know it. Some of these genes should be implanted to some of us here in America.

The thing about us has human beings is that we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to treat ourselves during times when it’s necessary. We never allow ourselves to give ourselves rewards for a long day of work. I’m not speaking about the people who does one simple assignment, and then lays back on the couch feeling accomplished. I’m talking about the people who actually do the effort to put many hours of work in, so that when they see their watch, they can’t believe how much time was killed.

By the time we realize that, it’s too late. We get burned out and spent the rest of our night eating takeout Chinese food, laying on the couch, and staring at the television screen. There are no plans to go out at the sports bar with friends, talk about how crazy your day was, or drowning your exhaustion away with tequila shots and buffalo wings. There are no last minutes thoughts of just strolling around the streets of SoHo at night, bragging about the weather, or a cute girl that just walked past you with your girlfriends. You missed the opportunity because you’re exhausted.

You shouldn’t do that anymore.

I, Roque Caston, am giving you permission to treat yourself and enjoy your life while you still can. If you worked hard one day and you are surprised that you survived the heavy work load, call your friends up and invite them out for drinks. Save yourself some money days prior to go to the movies during your day off. If you’ve been watching over diet for days now, treat yourself with a Philly Cheese stake at the nearby deli to celebrate your accomplishment.

Give yourself the opportunity to deserve a treat before it’s too late. If you know you deserve it, grab it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Help Me Win The "I'm In" Scholarship

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