Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey: A Movie Review


I got the chance to go see one of the most highly anticipated films on 2015 on Valentine's Day weekend. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey and it's other two sequels. I joined the band wagon of one of those people who were dying to see how much of the book was adapted into this movie.

After watching it, I did have my own opinion on it along with everyone else, but I kept everything to myself. However, after being asked so many questions from my peers who haven't seen the movie about what was the movie like, I felt my tongue slipping out so many times about how the movie is.

So without further a do, here is how I felt about the movie.

The movie was great when it came to telling the love story between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. If you read the book you know there it is a love story centered a around a girl just graduating college, and a billionaire who swoops her off her feet. She is the first person he has ever fallen in love with. He has a terrible starter life, which in many ways led him becoming the person that he is. Everyone has demons and Anastasia is experiencing them one by one as Christian slowly begins to open up to her.

I thought they adapted the love story beautifully.

Dakota Johnson stands out throughout the whole movie as Anastasia. Often times, I found myself focusing more on her than Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. He played the role too, but Dakota is the one to watch when it comes to this movie.

If you are expecting a lot of sex scenes, you'll be disappointed. In my opinion, I knew they weren't going to put all the sex scenes in the film. Some of them weren't really necessary to adapt. They filled the movie in with the most important sex scenes the story arch wonderfully. Still, they are sensual and moving with the right music playing in the background from The Weeknd to Beyonce. There will be moments when you might possibly have to cross your legs to avoid others seeing your erection, but that's means the movie did exactly what it was supposed to do. Get you excited.

Overall, great cast, great music, great adaptation when it comes to the love story more than the sex. This is one of the movies to go see this year.

You Can Live With Dignity, We Can't Die With It

As a fan of the television show House, this is still to this day one of the most memorable scenes that I still to this day take to heart.

Here is a woman that was diagnosed with a tapeworm inside of her system. Before being given the true diagnosis, she at one point told the doctors to stop giving her treatments, and wanted to die with dignity. Dr. Gregory House, played by Hugh Laurie jumped in and said that there is no such thing.

When things break down there is no dignity in it. Things in life will always be ugly. The dignity is when we don't give up and continue to power through all those obstacles. When we give up and die from the obstacles, there is never any dignity in it.

In the words of Dr. House "You can live with dignity, we can't die with it."

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Real Freaks Never Kiss And Tell

To be honest, I always laugh at people on the inside who brag about how good they are in bed. You call yourself a freak who loves it and adores it. The next person that ends up sleeping with you should find themselves incredibly lucky because they are in for the ride of their lives when they get in between the sheets with you.

In many cases, this would be considered confidence, but often times, it would be considered cocky and bragging. It's one thing to tell your intimate friends who have proven themselves to have those honest conversations with you. Then it's another thing to be bragging about your sex life to every person that comes in contact with you.

Once it's time to get down and do it, bragging about your sex life could often result in disappointing conclusions about you. The person who was bragging about how good they are may end up being not only not good, but maybe even the worst person you ever slept with. The performance was lackluster and you realize it was all talk, but no walk. It's an unfortunate conclusion, but it's the truth because the real freaks who truly know how to perform in bed never kill and tell how good they are.

You know what they say. It's the quiet ones who turns out to be the freaks.

Here is the thing about real freaks. They are well experienced and confident with their own sex life that they don't feel the need or desire to talk about it. It's their business and no one else. Sex may be on their mind a lot, but it comes and goes just like watching a TV commercial. It doesn't need to be a daily discussion. All that they are grateful for is that they are well equipped in knowing what they can do when it's time to get down and dirty.

it probably took lots of research and lessons from past sexual experiences to get to the point in their lives to be well equipped to lay it down nicely these days.

Often times, the only person that knows about their true nature are the people they deserve to have intimate conversations with them. People who share the same common interests, and might even share with you a thing or two themselves. But in the end, they know the game when it comes to zipping their mouths, and only talking about it during necessary times.

Real freaks might not even tell anyone. They are their own walking Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey, and there's nothing wrong with that.

In the end, it's interesting to follow who is a freak, and who is pretending to be one to please others. If you know you're a freak in the bed, let it be the element of surprise to your future lover that has proven themselves to know that side of you. Be this one person when the lights are on, but get ready to be the other one when the lights go off.

Why do you think the past lovers of freak never speak about good they are to people in public? Generally speaking, real freaks know when to keep their mouths shut, and so do their lovers.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Drunken, Scribbled, Homework Assignment

A few weeks ago, I found myself caught up in one of the busiest times during spring semester. I had to read one chapter of very long book for my Philosophy class. I had to read a short story from English class the next day, and write a paper about it that was due the next day. Unlike one of those quick reads that you could remember at the top of your heads, both of these stories required serious critical thinking. You had to read carefully, or else your professor could tell that you read the passage closely.

I got through reading the Philosophy book in quite the most unusual way. I was reading it while laying in a bubble bath and drinking a cocktail. It's quite hysterical, but it was the only way I could calm my mind and think carefully about the stories.

It worked for the Philosophy book. I could remember Socrates talking to Euthypro from line to line. It was until I got to the English homework that things got a tad crazy.

I finished typing up a short essay for a magazine I was contributing to. Once it was done, I grabbed a pen and started writing my English paper. I let my opinion on the short story flow through the pen, expecting everything I wanted to write was down on the piece of paper.

Little did I know that as I was midway to the end of the paper, my penmanship turned into drunken gibberish. My writing as unrecognizable, even for those who are used to writing in cursive. It looked like one of the classic codes back in the 18th century that were hard to break down. I was too drunk to not even realize I was doing this. I was far too focused on finishing this paper and turning it into class the next day.

I turned my paper in the next day and realized by looking down at the paper how horrendous my paper was. What made it extra nerve wrecking was that fact that my professor was going to look at it to see where we were as writers. Luckily, she didn't follow through with her plan, and she wasn't given the opportunity to see one of the most horrible, drunken piece of writings that I've even written.

Lesson here: Next time you're writing or typing a college paper drunk, make sure you look over it sober because you present it to anyone.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Relationship Doesn't Require Public Approval

It’s quite funny looking at how couples operate when they decide that’s time to publicize their relationships. This is exactly why many people say that it is often better if you don’t make your relationship public.

When a couple becomes public about their relationship there appears to be some sort of internal desire in wanting their peers to critique, and in the end, approve of the relationship. It can be speaking about the two of them at the cafĂ© with their friends. It can even be sharing a Facebook picture of the two of them having a good time. In some sort of subliminal way, it’s a sign that the couple is asking for validation about their relationship when it comes to their peers.

I didn’t quite understand this until I was watching an episode of Will & Grace. Will didn’t know if he liked a guy named Vince unless it was validated by Grace. I may understand relationships in that scenario, but I find the overall way of doing things regarding 21st century relationships is completely ridiculous.

Here is something people don’t tell you. Your relationship doesn’t require public validation. The relationship began with the two of you, and it should stay that way. Bringing more people into your relationship is only going to make things more complicated, and the results are always going to be the same. It will result in the two of you breaking up and resenting each other for a long time.

When it comes to figuring out what your relationship is and what it’s going to be, it should always be the way it is: between the two of you. If things are going to go wrong, at least it didn’t require a third party to put the key in the ignition.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Drunk With Diana Ross

I woke up one morning in a friend’s apartment. I slept the night over after attending a potluck that he was hosting at his place. I was still half drunk from coconut flavored New Amsterdam vodka, which I tried out for the first time that night. It was great liquor, but I had no idea it was going to be as strong as it was. Before I knew, I found myself temporarily on his comfortable feather carpet. Then in bed with him and his sister, spending the night since my apartment was far away.

We woke up the next day. It was around six in the morning. My friend decided to drop me off since he worked in the same borough of where I lived. It was like kicking two birds in one stone. He get to drop off his sister and I while he still arrives at work on time.

As the three of us were in the car, midway in Manhattan on the freeway, my friend decided to turn on his music playlist, just to get the vibe going in the car. Every track he played was very entertaining and kept me due to still being drunk, and tempted to go back to sleep. But it was until he played a Diana Ross song that the three of us had a karaoke moment in the car.

The Diana Ross song “Home” from The Wiz. Two out of the three of us knew the lyrics. I was the only one that wasn’t familiar with the song. He pumped up the volume and the voice of Diana Ross was echoing all the over the car, harmonizing to this song. So you can only image what it was like; three half drunk people harmonizing to Diana Ross from The Wiz in the car during the wee hours of the morning.

Good times!