Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Drunk With Diana Ross

I woke up one morning in a friend’s apartment. I slept the night over after attending a potluck that he was hosting at his place. I was still half drunk from coconut flavored New Amsterdam vodka, which I tried out for the first time that night. It was great liquor, but I had no idea it was going to be as strong as it was. Before I knew, I found myself temporarily on his comfortable feather carpet. Then in bed with him and his sister, spending the night since my apartment was far away.

We woke up the next day. It was around six in the morning. My friend decided to drop me off since he worked in the same borough of where I lived. It was like kicking two birds in one stone. He get to drop off his sister and I while he still arrives at work on time.

As the three of us were in the car, midway in Manhattan on the freeway, my friend decided to turn on his music playlist, just to get the vibe going in the car. Every track he played was very entertaining and kept me due to still being drunk, and tempted to go back to sleep. But it was until he played a Diana Ross song that the three of us had a karaoke moment in the car.

The Diana Ross song “Home” from The Wiz. Two out of the three of us knew the lyrics. I was the only one that wasn’t familiar with the song. He pumped up the volume and the voice of Diana Ross was echoing all the over the car, harmonizing to this song. So you can only image what it was like; three half drunk people harmonizing to Diana Ross from The Wiz in the car during the wee hours of the morning.

Good times!

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