Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Drunken, Scribbled, Homework Assignment

A few weeks ago, I found myself caught up in one of the busiest times during spring semester. I had to read one chapter of very long book for my Philosophy class. I had to read a short story from English class the next day, and write a paper about it that was due the next day. Unlike one of those quick reads that you could remember at the top of your heads, both of these stories required serious critical thinking. You had to read carefully, or else your professor could tell that you read the passage closely.

I got through reading the Philosophy book in quite the most unusual way. I was reading it while laying in a bubble bath and drinking a cocktail. It's quite hysterical, but it was the only way I could calm my mind and think carefully about the stories.

It worked for the Philosophy book. I could remember Socrates talking to Euthypro from line to line. It was until I got to the English homework that things got a tad crazy.

I finished typing up a short essay for a magazine I was contributing to. Once it was done, I grabbed a pen and started writing my English paper. I let my opinion on the short story flow through the pen, expecting everything I wanted to write was down on the piece of paper.

Little did I know that as I was midway to the end of the paper, my penmanship turned into drunken gibberish. My writing as unrecognizable, even for those who are used to writing in cursive. It looked like one of the classic codes back in the 18th century that were hard to break down. I was too drunk to not even realize I was doing this. I was far too focused on finishing this paper and turning it into class the next day.

I turned my paper in the next day and realized by looking down at the paper how horrendous my paper was. What made it extra nerve wrecking was that fact that my professor was going to look at it to see where we were as writers. Luckily, she didn't follow through with her plan, and she wasn't given the opportunity to see one of the most horrible, drunken piece of writings that I've even written.

Lesson here: Next time you're writing or typing a college paper drunk, make sure you look over it sober because you present it to anyone.

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