Friday, March 13, 2015

The Things We Young People Go Through To Stay Healthy

I went for a visit to my private doctor to get an update on my health. We did various checkups from blood work to vitamin intake. I could go down the list, but I couldn't keep up due to the hilarious conversation my doctor and I were having about the book Gone Girl and a funny workout video on YouTube. It's always good to have a doctor who are interested in the same things that you are interested in. I sometimes get weird when I mention things like Nora Ephron and Frank Sinatra to people. I don't have that issue with my doctor.

A week later, my doctor gave me a phone call saying that everything about me turned out great. However, my health needed a little improvement in two or three departments. She recommended me to eat more vegetables and wheat bread, and drink more orange and cranberry juice. Before you know it, I'm getting phone calls from the pharmacy telling me to pick up some vitamins and calcium pills that were recommended by my doctor.

It's funny how it all occurred. This was during the month I booked an appointment with my dentist for a deep cleaning, which I did later that month. The words from my old nutritionist started to sound off in my head, and I found myself drinking more water, and applying new workouts to my regime.

I sat down with one of my friends and it dawned to me how much we as young people need to go through to stay healthy. Think about it.

We are told religiously while we are young to stay healthy; eat right, workout well, drink more water, etc. The goal is to not worry about it when we get older. We don't have to worry about anything breaking or falling apart because we took care of it during our early years. It's good advice, but it can be a incredibly difficult process.

It's one of the reasons why I hysterically have internal thoughts of wanting to slap an older person in the face when they complain about the things they have to go through to stay healthy. I often say to them "It's hard for you. Do you have any idea what we have to go through? You were young once. You should know about this." Lol

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Deli Can Be A Family

For the last year, I've been ordering the same large coffee I from the same deli near campus. It's gotten to the point where I actually know every single person that runs the deli. A Latin family who are always kind, but know that they mean business. When people go inside it's like watching a moving factory being served from person to person. Customers order their food, they get checked out, each share a compliment, and then they leave to begin their work for their day.

I've been going to this deli for so long that they now know exactly what my order is. I want a large coffee with milk and sugar in it. I've never changed the order and never will. I like my coffee the way it is prepared.

This is the prime example of every deli I walk past. I went inside a different deli away from campus. Construction workers occupy that space because they are building a new corporate office across the street from it. The chefs recognize them all the time, asking them how they are, how's the building, and would they like some extra ranch dressings on the sandwiches that they order all the time.

I walked into another deli in the village. A woman was buying some juice, and the guy working the front asked her how she's been, and how old her new baby is. She went into deep detail on how the first fourteen months of birth has been. He shared a compliment with her and ask when is he going to be invited to the next dinner party. I stood there silent, processing how intimate their conversation was.

It dawned onto me how your favorite deli and the people that work there can be a extended version of your life. You see them all the time when you're on your way to work, or just want to grab a quick bite to eat because you don't feel like cooking for the day. A relationship between the individual and the deli is a bound to happen if the chemistry fits.

A deli can be a family if you let it. Isn't that delightful?