Monday, April 13, 2015

The Difficulty In Having Many Groups of Friends

Throughout my childhood, I always looked at friendships a lot differently than how it is today. I always thought it was about tiny circles of people hanging out with each other twenty-four seven until the day you die. I grew watching the girls from Sex & the City, the friends from Friends, the boys from Ed, Edd n Eddy, and the girls from Girlfriends. My mindset followed that formula of finding your three, four, or seven friends for life, and it’s us against the world for the rest of your life. That way, in the end, we can be that small successful group of friends like the characters in the Tyler Perry film Why Did I Get Married?

My expectation was that this was psychological formula that everyone follows. Now that I’ve moved to New York City, I understand that’s not the case.

Nowadays, you have to jump back and forth from one group of friends to the next.

One minute, you have to hang out with your friends from college. Then old acquaintances from your past come back, and you’re scheduling time with them. You’ve made friends with coworkers from your job, and are planning after work cocktail nights with them at the local bar. You’re still in touch with friends from your hometown and keeping mutual contact via Facebook and Twitter, and some are in the city with a desire to talk to you. You go to social events to support a friend you haven’t seen in years to see his work. You might have Broadway friends wanting you to come see Wicked again. Art gallery friends taking you to the next new exhibition. Hipster friends wanting you to come check out this indie burger joint somewhere in Brooklyn.

This list goes on, but the point I'm trying to make is that there are lots of friends to manage personal time with.

It also happens to be that those friends of yours are dealing with the same thing. They have different groups of friends who also have different groups of friends to manage time with. The list goes on and on, and it seems to be limitless. After getting a total overview on how life operates when it comes to friendships here in the 21st century, I couldn’t help but wonder.

When did managing multiple groups of people who are also part of different groups of friends become part of the 21st century friendship package?

Those are answers I’m still trying to figure out. All I know is this. It’s becoming difficult to run back and forth like this.

I love all the friends and acquaintances I’ve met throughout the years. I have respect for all of them and they have my utmost support. There are just times when jumping back and forth to different groups becomes a full time job. The publishing industry might as well create a planner dedicated to friendaholics who try to keep their friendships with people from many different groups together.

For it is difficult to be jumping back and forth like this!

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