Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Family Dollar, Cosmetics, and The Latin Girl

Going shopping at stores never seeks to amaze me. Something is always bound to happen in close spaces. Another prime example is my experience last week at the Family Dollar.

I walked over to Family Dollar to buy some supplies for my living room and bathroom. I felt that it was that time in the summer to redecorate and fill this apartment up with more things. It's weeks before the new semester begins. I'm at the point where I truly want this apartment to feel like a place to come home to. So the last couple of weeks has been all about shopping and filling this place up from the kitchen appliances to the bathroom curtains and rugs.

Inside this Family Dollar, I picked up a couple of solar window curtains. These curtains are specifically made to prevent the sun's rays from your apartment during that time of day when it shines down at your apartment while on it's way down. Their very effective and keeps your apartment cool in the process. The same applies in vice versa to winter season.

I was in line and in front of me was this Latin woman. For what I thought was going to be a quick checkout turned out to last longer than I thought. She picked up over twenty different colors of nail polish. I almost thought she bought out the whole cosmetics isle. She didn't know English and was talking in Spanish the whole time.

Naturally, the Family Dollar employee had to check each of these out one by one, which can be incredible frustrating for some people in the line having to wait so long. I'm a patient person and didn't mind waiting. The person behind me however thought differently.

"This is fucking crazy," he said out loud. "How many cosmetics does a bitch need?"

The Latin woman obviously didn't know what he was saying. The others could hear him on the other hand. I turned around slightly to see who the guy was. He looked like a teenager in high school who was going through a sexism phase. So I gave him a pass. Another isle opened and he immediately ran over into that line.

By the time he got to the other line, the Latin woman was finally checked out and it was my turn. Too bad for him, for there were seven more people right behind me.

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