Monday, September 28, 2015

The Poised Homeless Person

Homeless people continue to surprise me.

I walked into the Kennedy Fried Chicken & Wings, the fast food joint near my apartment. A man like me goes with his craving, and I was craving fried chicken for the night. Normally, I would cook on Mondays, but I wasn't in the mood for that night. I ordered my traditional meal at that restaurant; 3 piece chicken with fries and a soda. I hysterically sometimes ask the owner if he can put three breasts Inside the box instead of the others. I like a lot of meat and the chicken breast have the most meat.

As I'm waiting for my food to be ready, in comes a homeless woman who was seemingly big boned and looked like her legs were about to fall apart. she sat on the other side of the table I was sitting at. She sat there with her body poised etiquette, as if she just came from reading a Jane Austen novel outside.

Within seconds, I'm laughing on the inside. Did she really think she's going to get some money by posing in front of a nerd? I gave her $0.50 just so she can get away from me. Her form of begging was ridiculous. 

She walked away and wished me good luck on life. I just looked at it at the where does 30 seconds of my life that week.

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