Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Being A President Is Not Easy

I haven't been blogging much these days because I've been taking on extra work and responsibilities in my life that's been requiring me to stay away from my own personal blog. I began my new semester in college, studying hard and staying up to speed with my classes. I've taken editorial positions and contributing my writings to various digital & print publications. To top things up, I've taken on position as President of my college's writing club, along with being put in charge as editor-in-chief for another issue of the club's literary magazine The Guild.

This is my first time being the President of anything. I didn't think I would take a position about this, but it was recommended by everyone I know. I was Vice-President last semester, so I only did most of my work behind the scenes. However, colleagues and professors in the college love and respected my professionalism, work ethic, and poised personality. My diplomatic of looking at and handling things were something they felt was something they needed. I declined the offer multiple times, but I eventually saw why they asked me to run.

No offense to Borough of Manhattan Community College, but I sometimes feel like I live in a web of dysfunction. I have to run from person to person just to accurate information. People are not being told things properly, but often times, you got to do it yourself and here is from your own ears. I decided to step in because I grew up in a family background that believed in order and structure. There was never dysfunction. It was always step one to step two.

My rebellious decided to step in and fix multiple puzzle boxes that many people are aware of. That's what I'm currently experiencing as the President of my club. I'm putting together pieces and preventing them from falling into a web of dysfunction like many clubs are going through across the college. I believe in calmness and stability. If dysfunction is bound to happen, I'll Olivia Pope it before it goes into fruition.

I even sometimes sacrifice personal time to get some extra work done before the next day.

I don't think people truly understand the hard work a person has to do behind the scenes in order to make everything seem calm and good in public. When I'm talking to my club about the things that are happening, I'm always thinking about the other stuff I have to do ranging from the outdoor events to the finances to cover it. I want everyone to have a good time and have no problems.

There are times when I feel the physical strain put upon me. Even though I have a team from my wonderful vice-president to my wonderful secretary and publicity officers, I do my best to make sure their load is not heavy as well. I believe my team should work well and not be overwhelmed. But I power through it and continue to go through smooth sailing.

I love my writing club and I love what we stand for. There are times when I'm acknowledging that being the president of a club is not easy sometimes.

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