Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Don't Put That Box In The Microwave

Sometimes, discovering that certain people don't have knowledge on some of the simplest things continue to surprise me.

One day, I came to campus with homemade pasta put in a container for lunch later on. It was cold and I needed to put it in a microwave. The first microwave I could think of was the microwave at Fieterman Hall. I'm always a fan of that cafe, so it was like accomplishing two things at once going to that building. My food can get warmed up and I can dine in a somewhat quiet location. You never know what could happen when multiple characters are occupying one room.

I went to the cafe inside Fieterman to discover that the microwave was still broken. I wasn't surprised since that microwave has been broken for two weeks straight. That's the one thing I'll never understand about college. When a college has money you can replace something immediately. Don't kill the sociology. Just bring a new microwave and keep the pace together.

Since I realized that I wasn't actually going to be able to lounge in the cafeteria, I left Fieterman and made my way into the main campus. The cafeteria has about five microwaves for anyone to use. The chance of me not getting the chance to warm my food was zero to none in my book. I made to the cafeteria thinking things were going to be smooth and easy. I was wrong on so many levels.

Each microwave had at five to six people standing in a line towards every microwave. They had multiple containers of food, meaning that each of them were going to take a while warming everything. My prediction was at least ten minutes per person. In that moment, you know I wanted to yell to the top of my lungs, asking life to give me a break. All I wanted to do was warm up my cold ass pasta and have a nice day.

It got better when we started to smell something burning. One of the microwaves was puffing out smoke, bringing fear in our eyes that something was about explode. A student opened the microwave and what I saw in the microwave really shocked me. There was a frozen pizza with the lower part of the box inside of the microwave. I couldn't believe my eyes. I dropped my mouth like that scene from the Genie in Aladdin.

Everyone knows logically that you're not supposed to keep even a tiny bit of the box into the microwave. Yet, the student who put it in there took it out and asked others questions about why it was smoking like it was something unexpected from everyone. The ridiculousness disgust so much, I had to step away. In the end, I ate a cold pasta and lunch was ruined.

Thank you so much to all the microwaves avoiding me that day.

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