Saturday, December 12, 2015

All Gay Men Should Be Sexually Versatile

I went out to dinner one night with a friend from college. We began having one of those long, heartfelt, deep, man-to-man conversations, which is one of the reasons why I love our friendship. I know that whenever he and I get together, we are going to be the discussing the truth about life. This one conversation blew my mind, and I still to this day can never forget it.

The both of us agreed that the experiences in our last relationships influenced us to be sexually fluent with our future partners. We’ve always played a certain position for our partners during our early years. But somewhere down the line, things began to change.

We grew up and became more self-aware of ourselves as men in general. The roles shifted where instead of us wanting to be taken care of, we wanted to take on that dominant role and take care of someone else due to previous experiences in being mistreated. The same way women are encouraged to know their bodies inside and out, we believe that the same should apply to men and their bodies; knowing how it develops and how to take care of it gently.

One of overall things we agreed on as gay men is that we should all be sexually versatile.

I, for one, can say that I’m tired of labels and the social taboos we put on ourselves as gay men. As soon as we present ourselves to people in a certain way, there’s instantly a label placed on our forehead. Once that happens, the label becomes the definition of the person it’s been put on. They know how they would act amongst their friends. They know what role they’ve taken when they have a boyfriend. And finally, they know what position they are in bed, and it’ll never change.

This is what I say. Remove the label and become versatile with who you are inside and out. 

People who are sexually versatile do in many ways want to have it both ways every single night. This is a factual thing. But the one thing that I don’t think people know about sexual versatility is that people who do it are satisfied with whatever position they get in when the lights go off. After all, when it’s time to turn off that lamp on the nightstand, you don’t know what you’re going to get. Your partner may say they do one thing, but the night may result in a completely different sexual episode that they didn’t disclose to you.

For a versatile person, they know their bodies and their well-being inside and out. Their minds have been taught to be fluent with their sexual escapades. This applies not only physically, but spiritually, and knowledgeably. For the average person that can be a close minded, you’ll be surprised what happens to you when you begin to read an erotica novel, or listening to stories regarding BDSM, or the handkerchief code. That knowledge on life unconsciously influenced yourself to be open-minded about so many things in life without limiting yourself to the traditional A-Z rules of sex you grew up listening about.

The overall conclusion of any sexual episode is to finish the night satisfied with sweat, achieving orgasms, and having an explosive ejaculation from down under. What’s the point in having to add all of those extra strict limitations that you’ve placed on your body regarding terms like “tops” and “bottoms?”

This is just my own personal opinion. I know people look at sex and the roles they play more different than how I perceive it. I just refuse to live life full of social taboos and labels. I’m the type of person who has researched, studied, and learned from many different people, cultures and various parts of life, that it has caused me to be open minded, and not put social labels on how I act amongst my lovers, or how I perform in the bedroom.

Like I said before, you don’t know what you’ll be when the lights go off. So why limit yourself with only one position?

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