Monday, December 14, 2015

H&M + Me = Temporary Holiday Shopping Addict

People like me aren't normally caught in the middle of discount manias. I've never been tempted by things like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I admit that they each provide excellent deals, but I still think it applies that particular groups of people who aren't afraid to spend at least $100 a day.

I don't know how this happened. I remembered walking into a H&M because I wanted to use my new credit card and spend it on a new pair of underwear. I'm growing up now and everything from my personal desk to my underwear drawer needs to evolve. So with a few hours to spare, I decided to go to the nearby store and finally buy this particular pair of boxer briefs that I've been dying to buy and wear forever. The minute I stepped foot in there, my mouth dropped.

It started out with a pair of pants that would normally sell for $39, and I got it for $10. Some button down shirts and sweaters that normally sales around $15-$20 has been downsized to $5-$9.99. Of course, it's hard to find shirts that are a size XS and pants that are a 28-29 waist, but the minute I saw them, you know I grabbed them. I even for the first time found a hat that actually matches my head after almost my entire life of looking for one. I never came home with a large shopping bag full of clothes.

I thought I was going to go in there once. I've been there four times now. I'm staring at my closet fill up in a good way, seeing that I've finally found time to stock it up. When college life kicks into overdrive shopping is the least thing on your mind unless you treat it as a therapist. Retail Therapy 101.

Shopping like crazy isn't a problem if you know you can afford. In many ways, this has been doing me a favor. I've been meaning to add more stuff in my closet. My account are actually screaming out "Hallelujah" because they know me as the guy that doesn't spend much. So all of my credit cards are happy right now.

When H&M said 60% off they truly weren't kidding. H&M has become the new thrift stores when it comes to their holiday specials.

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