Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Public Meltdown Because You Missed Your Train

Don't get me wrong. I get upset when I miss my subway every once in a while. You managed to get down the subway and swipe yourself in. You check the monitor to find out that you train literally arrived two seconds. You fight through the crowd of people that are going upstairs while you're going downstairs. Once you finally made it down, the subway doors are already closing.

Of course, you'd be disappointed after all the blood, sweat, and tears you spent trying to get downstairs. But this day to day thing that can happen to anyone never drove me to having a dramatic public meltdown. That was the case for this one guy.

I was getting off my train ride to the Bronx, which felt like forever. Then again, everyone feels that way during rush hour. Its that two hour time period from five to seven where everyone is getting off from work, and trying to get where they need to go, whether its home or to their second job. It's a mad house to the point where I'm surprised they're not doing it like how they're doing it in Japan.

So for me, getting off the train after an hour in rush hour felt like heaven, and that I didn't die from suffocation. New Yorkers don't give a damn who they're squeezing. All they're thinking about is getting to what they need to go.

I made up the stairs when this older man about to go downstairs. I knew he wasn't going to make it because the time I got up, the doors were already closing. The man heard the doors closed and he erupted in front of everyone.

He shouted the word "FUCK" so loudly and for so long, his voice echoed across the entire station. He got down on his knees in between, letting all of his frustration out. I jumped like a scared frog, for I was three feet away from him, and was not expecting that to happen out of nowhere.

Everyone around looked at him like he was crazy, he didn't matter. He let it out and kept it moving. So did we.

The struggle is real, even when it comes to simple things like missing your train.

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