Thursday, January 26, 2017

45 Thoughts That Goes Through Your Mind When You Meet Someone Cute On The Subway

I'm almost there.
Can the train go any faster?
This weather is crazy.
Can't wait to be home.
One more stop.
People are coming out.
People are coming in.
Who is that?
He's pretty cute.
He's sitting across from me.
The train is moving.
I can't stop looking at him.
He sees me looking.
Duck your head down quick!
How embarrassing.
He's going to think I'm some kind of stalker.
Why do I feel someone staring at my scalp?
I look up.
I see him looking at me.
He looks to the right, pretending he didn't see me.
He seems interested in me.
I could be wrong.
Maybe I should walk over.
Maybe I shouldn't.
He'll think I'm some kind of stalker.
But he could be the love of my life.
Maybe he should come over.
No, I'll make the first move.
Here we go.
My train stop is here.
Time to go.
I leave the train.
I feel him glaring at my back.
I turn around.
He sees me. 
I see him. 
We locked eyes.
The subway door closes.
It's driving away.
We're still looking at each other until no more.
Good subway eye candy for the day.

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