Hosting, Public Speaking, Public & Private Events

In your email, please include the details regarding your event. I want to know the specific Date(s), Time(s), and Location of the activity, as well as the type of media and/or forum that is being used to promote the event.

I would also like to know if my photos and/or videos are going to be used on display for whatever event you're pulling together. If that is the case, I would like to discuss what photos and videos that I would like to use to help out your event.

Social Media Managing
My second career is social media PR. I can't express how much I love this profession. The one thing I hate is not enough content. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, etc. I just don't like seeing stuff like that. So I have since build upon becoming the go-to guy that people can call to add content to their pages and manage it, so that it can be consistent. I will put posting, pictures, videos, etc. So if you need someone to help manage your social media pages, and make sure there's a bunch of content on it, I'm your guy.

I am open to collaborations. If you want we to write a guest post or offer me a position for your website, blog, magazine, songwriting, newspaper, advertisement campaign, etc, I'm open to it. Email me from the same email address. Be sure to be very descriptive about what the project is about when you send the email. I'll email you back to tell you if I want to be a part of it or not.

Advertising/Promoting An Event or Product
I am personally a fan of multiple brands and advertisements. I was in the business for quite a while. So I completely understand how much power it takes to promote something. If you want your things to be promoted on my site, you can send me an email as well. I'm look into it and tell you if I accept it. I'm very open minded and like to see what you're proposing to me before I make the final decision.

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